Thomas and Andi Bonura knew they simply could not only adopt one pair of siblings without taking all of them.

When siblings are put into the foster system, there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to stay together. All too often, they are separated, and, sometimes, sadly, they are lost in the system and never find each other again.

But in this story, a beautiful miracle happened on May 6, when Andi and Thomas Bonura of Texas adopted siblings Thomas, 8, Carter, 8, David, 6, Gabrielle, 4 and Bryson, 2, and brought the siblings all together under their roof. But it wasn’t a one-step process.

They had struggled to have children for years

The adoption was finalized over a Zoom call, and the children now have an even larger family. They will join the Bonura’s biological children Joey, 11, Sadie, 10 and Daphne, 8 – for a big, beautiful family of 10.

“These are their brothers and sisters and there’s no argument,” Andi Bonura told Good Morning America. “The kids have been through a lot but they’re the sweetest. They’re amazing — and resilient.”

Andi shared that she and her husband always wanted to adopt, but also had had some trouble conceiving and underwent fertility treatments. She lost one baby, then became pregnant with twins, one of whom ended up not making it after being born very premature.

The other twin, Joey, now 11, has cerebral palsy, is visually impaired and communicates through sign language.

He’s very smart…whenever people start to pity him, I tell them, ‘Don’t.’ He’s the happiest kid in this house.

Andi Bonura

Andi later gave birth to her daughters Sadie and Daphne. As both girls were also early, they decided to not try to have further biological children.

But things were going to change, after they became foster parents

In 2017, Thomas and Andi became foster parents. The first child they fostered was baby Bryson, now 2, who came to live with them straight from the hospital. Then, David and Gabrielle followed.

Eventually, their older twin brothers, Thomas and Carter started visiting their siblings at the Bonura home. The couple could see how attached they were to their biological siblings.

They were sweet and would say, ‘Can we come live with you?’

Andi Bonura

When the call came, they answered it

“One day we got a call saying, ‘[The parents] are terminating rights. Do you want them?'” Andi added. “We said yes.”

Their family expanded to 10 members but the couple don’t regret their decision at all. Now, the eight new siblings love playing together and being a family. “They’re fun to be around and they’re the greatest kids,” they said.

In fact, having all the siblings together was the most natural thing in the world. “God’s hand was in it,” she added. “Our family is complete.”

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