A letter and payment arrived at Kilimandjaro restaurant five days after three men left without paying.

Apollo Apollinaire, owner of African and Caribbean restaurant Kilimandjaro, was shocked after he was sent payment for a meal days after he thought the group had deliberately left without paying.

“I didn’t think people still did that. I thought those kinds of people had disappeared from the planet,” Apollo told Gazette Live.

Why Three Men Left a Restaurant Without Paying

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It was a busy Friday night at the popular restaurant on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough when the incident took place. Staff allowed a party of three young men to leave the restaurant in search of a cash machine because the restaurant does not accept cards.

But when the trio did not return, Apollo assumed the restaurant had lost the money and just wrote it off as a “bad experience.”

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“Usually people don’t walk out as a whole group for a cash machine,” he told Gazette Live. “I just told my staff to next time make sure one of them stays or they leave some belongings until they come back.”

Five days later, a letter arrived at the restaurant containing an apology and £40 in cash.

The letter read: “On our search [for a cash machine] it was apparent that the last train to our hometown was shortly about to depart. This diverted our attention away from finding an ATM machine and led to us running down to the train station and just making our train.”

“It was at this point, being too late, we realised our actions and decided to write this letter of apology with £40 enclosed in this envelope.”

“It is with our deepest regret that not being from Middlesbrough we are not able to come into Kilimandjaro in person to apologize. Additionally, we will be giving a positive five-star review of your establishment on Trip Advisor.”

How Strangers Proved the Importance of Doing the Right Thing

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Impressed with the act of kindness, Apollo wished the letter, signed by Tom, Alex and Harry, had their address or contact number.

“The saddest part is they haven’t put their address or contact number on. We can tell it was a genuine mistake. It was just amazing,” Apollo said.

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Apollo shared pictures of the letter on the Kilimandjaro Facebook page in a post that attracted dozens of likes and comments. “Everyone was shocked and people are finding it really touching,” he said.

Some food for thought: Don’t assume the worst! Sometimes people will surprise you and do what’s right.


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