One deputy realized the driver of the stalled car didn’t know how to drive stick.

When Deputies Kendrae Traylor and Ryan Graham spotted a stalled vehicle in the middle of a roadway in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, they went to investigate.

What Two Deputies Found Inside a Stalled Vehicle

beige car parked on the side of the road
Photo by Phearak Chamrien

It turned out the vehicle wasn’t stalled at all — it was a new driver trying her best to navigate a stick shift.

“We came across a stalled vehicle. Was kind of wondering what was going on with it. Made contact with this young female. Brand new driver of a standard. Didn’t know what she was doing,” Deputy Kendrae Traylor said in a video posted to Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Traylor decided this was the perfect time to teach her. “I asked her if I could help assist her, and I kind of went through the steps of helping her out,” he said.

Once they were in an empty parking lot, Traylor patiently helped her step by step understand how to drive a manual transmission.

“The citizens of Cleveland County allow us to serve them, and so I think that’s a very important part, not only for the sheriff’s office, but individually for myself,” Traylor said.

The video of Traylor helping out was posted on the sheriff’s office Facebook page and commenters were grateful for the deputy’s kindness.

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“Awesome job sir thank you for your service” one commenter wrote. “Thank you for serving our city,” another wrote. And another commented that “Kindness is king.”

Probably feeling stressed and nervous when the officers arrived, we imagine the young woman was grateful for the understanding, patience and tips from the deputy. Deputy Kendrae Traylor displayed one more way to help keep roads safe — with kindness.


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