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Dierks Bentley Had to Close His Nashville Bar But Then, He Did The Most Generous Thing
Dierks Bentley
(photo by Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)
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Dierks Bentley Had to Close His Nashville Bar But Then, He Did The Most Generous Thing

Nashville Country Singer Dierks Bentley is setting an example in the midst of coronavirus by paying each of the 90 employees of his bar a $1000 to help them through the pandemic.

Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, countless businesses were forced to close their doors, and many people lost their jobs in the process.

But when country singer Dierks Bentley had to close his Nashville bar this week, he softened the blow by donating $1K to each of his 90 employees.

On Monday, he announced in a tweet that he will be closing his Whiskey Row bar and grill on Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. However, he would also be donating a total of $90,000 to help his hourly employees.

"Just gave last call at @whiskeyrownashville as we close the doors for a while. My heart goes out to all the guys/girls down on Lower Broad. Feels like yesterday that it was me down there working for tips," he posted.

"I am going to immediately give each of our 90 hourly employees $1,000 to help in the short run as our community and country try to get a handle on the situation."

Dierks' decision comes at the tail of other Nashville touristic bars' somewhat controversial decision to continue operation despite the mayor's call for bars to shut down.

March has been rough for Nashville residents

Nashville home slider 1024x683

Nashville residents started March with a terrible tornado, which was devastating to the city and its residents. It claimed 26 lives, injured 300 people and left more than 70 000 others without power.

Now, with the coronavirus pandemic, Nashville residents are hit with another blow. The less fortunate will certainly feel it the most.

Dierks reminds us of the power of community

Nashville is a city of music and musicians. And a huge part of the scene involves its bars and venues. Their workers are integral to keeping the magic and music alive and Dierks wants to make sure we remember this.

I encourage all bar owners on Lower Broadway to take care of their bartenders, bar backs, waitresses, security, dishwashers etc. the best they can. Lower Broadway is the heartbeat of Nashville. Let’s make sure we help the folks that make the music happen.

Dierks Bentley

In terrible times like these, it's always so heartwarming to see people taking initiative to help the less fortunate. Not everyone has the means or opportunity to work from home. For some, self-isolation means being jobless and not having a revenue.

This is why Dierks is setting an example for others to follow. If you are in a position to help, in any way, now is the time to do it!

And if you are going through self-quarantine, you are already helping! Here is a self-quarantine survival guide to make the most of the situation and come out of it in even better form.

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