Their faces going down Splash Mountain say it all…

One of my favorite trends is when influencers use their (social media) power for good— and unlike low waist jeans, I petition that it never goes out of style.

Influencers Using Their Influence For Good

Recently, TikTok influencer Becca Moore (@becccamooore) celebrated the one-year anniversary of meeting her–Uber driver.

The Cliffs Notes version is that Becca had her car towed and purse stolen at Coachella and her Uber driver, Raul Torres, was not letting it go.

After an afternoon of hunting the dessert for her belongings and coming up empty-handed, Raul — on a mission for justice — accompanied her to file a police report.

The 23-year-old took to her vlog to publicly thank Raul for his kindness and care, just when she needed it.

The dynamic duo got post-police-station margaritas—an all-in-all perfect day, if you ask me. Over the course of their fast friendship, Becca learned Raul had a daughter with cancer, and so like a Robin Hood in Fashion Nova’s clothing— the internet comedian took to her 1.2 million followers to crowdfund an astounding 200k dollars.

Recently Becca celebrated Raul’s daughter who rang the bell, finishing her chemotherapy treatment.

He Spotted Them Outside The Home Depot

In the same generous spirit, TikTok influencer Jesús (@juixxe), decided to pay it forward.

Documented in a video that he shared with his four million followers, Jesús decided to pick up three local day workers, and give them an offer they couldn’t refuse!


Their smiles say it all 🥹

♬ original sound – Jesús

The video—dubbed in Spanish— opens with Jesús pulling over, and asking a group of day workers if they are available to work a job. When Jesús tells the group they will be going to Disneyland, the crew try to mask a look of slight confusion. 

“The work is going to be heavy”, Jesús calls out of the driver’s window. 

“Okay…” one of the day workers replies, trying to anticipate the catch.

If you know what’s coming, it strikes the perfect funny note. 

No gentlemen—you are not on your way to repair a rollercoaster escorted by a young man in what appears to be a Honda Civic.

Though, the day crew’s up-for-anything attitude, won me over from the start. He definitely picked the right guys for the job.

They Didn’t Know What They Were In For

Once they were in the back seat, Jesús let them know the kind of heavy machinery they would be operating for the day— and suffice it to say, it was not what they were expecting.

He was inviting them to enjoy a day with full pay at Disneyland! The plan was simple: have fun.

“Let’s go smile and enjoy the day”, one of the workers exclaimed to the camera, before the video smash cuts to the four of them screaming in a log flume racing down Splash Mountain.

In an uplifting and heartwarming series of clips, Jesús pulls together a peek into their fun-filled day at The Happiest Place on Earth! 

Suited up in matching Disneyland sweaters, the crew journey to the theme park, taking the day off to laugh and live easy.

It Pays to Pay-it-Foward

Jesús’ profile is stacked with “random acts of kindness” which the philanthropic influencer tapes in hopes of inspiring others.

In one video with over 17 million views, Jesús pulls up to a roadside taco stand at night, operating in Anaheim, California and makes the workers a deal.

He buys $1,000 dollars-worth of Tacos to gift to nearby pedestrians.


They made over 400 Tacos in an HOUR! 🌮🔥

♬ original sound – Jesús

Not only does he attract new business to the stand, with a tasteful sign that advertises FREE TACOS in bold Sharpie, but everyone gets free tacos.

Jesús is an inspiring example that it takes a smile to make a smile.

In his recorded footage, he brings the same level of excitement and energy that he gives. His generous spirit motivates these random acts of kindness.

Jesus is a shining example of the adage, it is better to give than to receive, confirming that indeed it does pay off to pay it forward!