His biggest fan has been fighting a rare bone cancer for years.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has played a number of roles over the years — from CFL football player to WWE wrestling champ to Hollywood megastar (and by megastar we mean MEGASTAR. He just nabbed the title of highest-paid actor EVER for his eye-watering $50 million paycheck for the upcoming movie, Red One.)

But it’s his most recent role, as an undercover waiter, that shows off his greatest talent; being a really awesome human being.

The Rock’s Biggest Fan: A 12-Year-Old Girl Battling Cancer

In the realm of action movies, Johnson may just be one of the toughest guys on the planet. But beyond his tough exterior and charismatic performances, Johnson has proven time and again that he has the tenderest heart.

For the past couple of years, he’s been following Luna Perrone’s journey as the now 12-year-old battles a rare bone cancer, Ewing Sarcoma.

He was first introduced to her back in June 2021 when she reached out to him via social media.

Since then, he’s kept tabs on his “biggest fan” and when he found out the heartbreaking news that her cancer has spread, he decided it was high time they finally met in person.

So, he arranged a special lunch for Luna and her family at the Hotel Bel-Air. With one Hercules-sized surprise — himself.

Johnson shared his good deed, worthy of a demigod, on Instagram, captioning the emotional video in part:

“Luna’s an amazing and inspiring girl who’s been fighting cancer for a few years now. She’s my absolute biggest fan and always wanted to meet me.

My team and I set up this big surprise for Luna at one of my fav “DJ spots” @hotelbelair.

Luna thinks she’s having lunch “arranged by The Rock” because unfortunately, “The Rock is out of town” 😉”

But The Rock wasn’t out of town. He was in the kitchen and he was about to give Luna the surprise of a lifetime.

The Rock Poses as a Waiter to Surprise His “Hero”

Posing as a waiter, Johnson, chicken fingers and fries in hand, thanked the kitchen staff as he headed out to surprise Luna.

Her sweet face says it all. A little speechless and a whole lot shell-shocked at seeing her idol, Luna was barely able to squeak out a “hi.” Johnson immediately put her at ease, telling her to bring it in for a hug.

“You know what I need? Get in here! I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you!” he told her.

And while he may be her hero, the feeling is mutual.

“I’ve had some super cool jobs in my life – but being Luna’s waiter just might be the coolest 😎 👍🏾,” he wrote.

He added, “They say, don’t ever meet your heroes, because you’ll be disappointed — well I got to meet my hero and she was AWESOME 😊🥰 🙋🏽‍♂️”

As for Luna? She felt the exact same way. She posted her own video of the exciting event on Instagram, writing:

“Coolest thing EVER happened yesterday! I got to meet my hero, THE ROCK! It was the best day!!!”

Using His Fame for Good

Of course, being The Rock, he couldn’t just stop there. He also gifted Luna and her family tickets to Disneyland for the day. A brief and welcome respite before she heads back to the hospital for her second round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

This isn’t the first time that Johnson has stepped up and used his celebrity status for good. And, it very likely won’t be his last. The Fast & Furious star describes moments like this as the “best part of fame.”

But you don’t have to be famous to take a page out of his playbook. Johnson believes we all have the ability to make the world a better place, famous or not. And it starts with being nice.

“When I was 15yrs old I heard a quote that stuck with me for life – it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

He’s definitely living it.

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