He may be The Rock but his heart is made of gold!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the busiest public figures in showbiz but he’s never too busy to give back to his fans.

In addition to being a globally popular movie star, The Rock also seems to be one of the truly nice guys out there. We often see The Rock making time for his fans, but one particular instance really warms the heart.

The Rock posted a video to his Instagram which shows him greeting tenth grader Carol — a fan from Tennessee — who waited patiently for hours for a glimpse of her favorite star.

She was clearly nervous at the thought of meeting him and she went into absolute shock when she finally saw him!

“I’m sorry, I just don’t believe it,” she gushed.

Johnson thanked the girl for waiting for so long and took the time to take a variety of photos and videos together.

Throughout the entire interaction, it’s apparent that Carol is a huge fan, thrilled to be interacting with a star she’s only ever seen on the big screen. The Rock was as nice as could be, patiently trying to help Carol regain her composure and spending loads of time taking pictures together.

To top things off, The Rock gave Carol and her friends tickets to the opening of Black Adam, a film in the DC Extended Universe.

He later stated on his Instagram page:

“May sound silly but this kinda stuff (meeting and taking care of fans) will always be the best part of fame.

Thanks for being awesome, Carol! Make sure you tell all your friends how mean, cold, and unkind #BlackAdam really is in person. Great to meet you.

Credit: John Carroll/WREG Memphis

The Rock has been living in Memphis, Tennessee while he films the third season of his show Young Rock.

Dwayne Johnson has spoken previously about an experience he had early in his career, where he explained that he “acted like a real jerk” toward his fans and that it taught him that he had the power to make people feel good.

It was at that moment he made the decision to be kind to his fans, leaving them with nothing but positive experiences.

And this kindness reminds us of another example of The Rock being exceptionally kind to three of his young fans a few years back, pulling over to take pictures with them.

Credit: @TheRock/Instagram

Carol’s experience with Johnson has clearly made her a superfan for life who will never forget these emotional moments.

The Rock continues to shine after starting his career playing football, then into a legendary WWE wrestling career, and later into movie superstardom.

The Rock, who has an astounding following of over 380 million people on Instagram, is clearly a man of the people.

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