Love conquers all.

Watching a loved one’s cherished memories and moments fade away due to dementia or Alzheimer’s is one of the hardest things a person could go through.

It takes strength, patience, and love to stay by their side, especially when you don’t know which version of your loved one you’ll receive that day. But in the end, as this story proves, love does survive.

A Daily Routine

an elderly man

A girl named Catalina gets to witness the power of love firsthand when she watches her grandparents. In fact, the social media user is so in awe of their relationship that she posted a clip on TikTok to share with the world. “El amor de ellos dos,” she captioned the video — “the love of these two.”

You see, Catalina’s grandmother has been battling Alzheimer’s for the past 15 years. As the disease progresses, it has robbed her of more and more memories. She is in a facility as a result, but that doesn’t mean her husband of 56 years has forgotten about her.

Instead, every day for 15 years he has dressed up, combed his hair, sprayed cologne, and visited his wife. As it turns out, he is the only one she recognizes.

In the video, you can see her eyes light up when he enters the room, and he asks if she remembers him. Each time he does this, according to Catalina, they reconnect. In the video, they smile like two souls who have known each other their whole lives.

In Sickness and in Health

elderly woman lying in bed

Catalina’s family believes that the main thing keeping her grandmother going is those visits from her grandfather. For his part, he believes she returns to reality whenever she looks at him. “Don’t ever stop looking at me,” he is heard saying in the video.

The grandfather knows he doesn’t have a lot of time left with his wife, as they are now both in their eighties. But he’s determined to make the most of the time he does have and to cherish the woman he shared vows with more than five decades ago, no matter what.

It really gives new meaning to the term “in sickness and in health” because the way this couple looks at each other in the video isn’t just heartwarming; it’s enough to reinstate even the biggest skeptic’s belief in the power of love.

Love Conquers All

While Catalina’s family undoubtedly wishes things could be different, this story is such a powerful reminder that love is one of the strongest emotions. It cuts through so many obstacles and can be the thing that we need to get through the toughest of days, months, and years.

People who find love like this are lucky, but people who know how to practice this kind of love are sitting on a gold mine. We’re reminded that we can also lead with love in our everyday lives, whether it’s with friends, family members, or a spouse.

Know and care about what inspires the people in your life. Remember to spend time with them. Make eye contact with them and practice your best active listening skills. Once we learn to connect with others with our eyes, ears and hearts, we, too, can unlock the powerful benefits of love.