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74-Year-Old Woman Stands by the Highway Every Day and Waves - For a Very Special Reason
Older Black woman waves to highway
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74-Year-Old Woman Stands by the Highway Every Day and Waves - For a Very Special Reason

She goes out every day, six days a week, with a mission of positivity.

Patricia Bracey spent the pandemic on a mission. Six days a week at 8:15 a.m. sharp, the motivated 74-year-old would stand on the side of Iron Bridge Road in the town of Chester and wave. Yes, just wave. Oh, and smile.

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For Bracey, the side of the expressway is her "church," and the passersby her "ministry."

"Lord told me to do it… he told me to just wave and smile,” Bracey told WTVR CBS 6.

Why an Elderly Lady Chooses to Radiate Kindness in a Post Pandemic World

A couple of decades ago, Bracey hit rock bottom. She was homeless living out of her car for nearly a year, but her family helped her and she turned to religion. Since then, Bracey has made it her mission to bring positivity to others. And with the pandemic bringing so much misery to her neighbors, she knew just what to do: Smile and wave.

It just makes people’s day and when it makes other people’s day, it makes my day.

Patricia Bracey

"It is the highlight of my day. So I am walking in this crisp morning and feeling good," Bracey told WTVR CBS 6. "I haven’t heard my choir yet though. My birds normally be singing."

Why Her Community Appreciates Her Thoughtful Actions

In a video posted by the local news station, Bracey can be seen smiling and laughing when people honk and when they pass by. In one instance, a woman pulls over to express her gratitude for Bracey's unconditional love.

“She brings a lot of joy... she has a beautiful smile and she always has a nice word from the Lord," Tisha Lee told her local news outlet.

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“I think that small act of kindness can spur another act of kindness,” another neighbor, Mary Ginet, told WTVR CBS 6. “Some mornings when we leave it’s like… ugh… but I see her and I think, how awesome… how awesome it is.”

Whether for safety or politics, the pandemic divided so many people and Bracey demonstrates that we're all humans worthy of love and respect. She also proved, once again, that all that's needed to make someone's day is genuine kindness.

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Smiling can heal
. “Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.”– Christie Brinkley

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