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10-year-old student feeds baby sister and simultaneously takes notes in classroom.

Young Girl Brings Baby Sister To Class As Their Mom Was Busy

TikTok/ @yingggzz
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Mom Away on "Business" Couldn't Take Care of Baby - So Her Elder Sister Brings Her to Class

She's got her multi-tasking skills down to a science.

Anyone who is a firstborn knows it comes with a lot of added responsibility. The line between parents and the eldest can be a bit fuzzy, with the oldest sibling often having to take on more than their lion's share of looking after their younger siblings.

For one 10-year-old in Thailand, she took the responsibility of big sis to a whole other level.

Instead of missing out on school to babysit her younger sibling while her mom had "business," she decided to pull double duty, bringing the one-year-old with her.

She just became a viral internet sensation.

10-Year-Old Big Sister Taking Care of Her Baby Sister in School Goes Viral


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In an 18-second clip that has gone viral on TikTok, the student, nicknamed "Green" is sitting at her desk, diligently writing in her exercise book. It's a normal, everyday occurrence in a classroom. What isn't normal is that she is simultaneously cradling and bottle-feeding her baby sister.

Not only is the young girl completely focused on her studies, but she's also managing to look after a one-year-old in peak multi-tasking mode — which, let's face it, isn't necessarily an easy feat even for adults.

As for her sibling, she's calmly drinking her milk and at one point playfully pokes her unfazed older sister’s cheek.

According to Thai PBS World, the user who uploaded the video, @Yingggzz, is a teacher at the Ban Klong Kaem Cham School in Prachin Buri, a province in central Thailand. "Green" is her student.

The translated text overlay reads:

"She is the eldest. Her mother had business, so she had to take her younger sibling to study with her. This is better than having to miss school to look after your sister, right?’

According to the caption, Yingz is more than supportive of "Green" bringing her baby sibling to class, writing, "I'm not sure how other teachers would feel, but I always tell my students not to miss class...and she is really doing it!"

She ends it with a quip "Good thing her sister isn't naughty" and the hashtags: #students #raisingyoungersiblings.

Reaction to the Viral Video

The video quickly garnered widespread attention, going viral with over 3 million views. While some people objected to the parentification of a child, the majority of commenters praised both the girl, for not letting anything get in the way of school and the teacher, for encouraging her to attend school despite her challenging circumstances.

"😲😲😲😲 she's such a devoted student."

"This is so sweet and awesome."

"She is very tough, writing with one hand and holding her sister in the other."

"This girl will grow up strong and successful. 😄Anyone who can care for others at such a young age is destined for greatness and will be blessed forever! Best Wishes from 🇸🇬"

"Thank you to the school, teacher, for being kind to the children."

"There's nothing the eldest can't do, especially the oldest sister."

And oldest sisters everywhere are nodding their heads in agreement. Big time. Because this is so true...and even science agrees.

Eldest Daughter Syndrome is Real


The 8 signs you have eldest daughter syndrome… #eldestdaughter #siblings #siblingcheck

Eldest daughter syndrome may not be an official diagnosis but it doesn't make it any less real. It's defined as the heavy emotional burden and responsibility first-born girls often face, including acting as "bonus parents."

And while there are benefits, such as being most likely to succeed out of any sibling type and most likely to hold leadership roles, it also brings with it a fair share of baggage — excessive worrying, anxiety, people-pleasing tendencies, and guilt (just to name a few).

The fact that a 10-year-old, still a child herself, has the maturity to shoulder the responsibility of her baby sibling AND focus on her studies is truly admirable. But it just goes to prove the incredible resilience and capability of firstborns.

And while the video celebrates the strength and competence of eldest daughters (because they really are warriors) it also sheds light on the importance of community support systems in nurturing and assisting families in times of need.

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