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Elon Musk: Be Proactive, Make Things Happen
Elon Musk inspiring speech

Elon Musk: Be Proactive, Make Things Happen

Elon Musk - Take Risks

Business magnate Elon Musk shares his personal story about hard work and dedication and urges us to be bold to make big things happen.


"When my brother and I were starting our first company, instead of getting an apartment, we just rented a small office, and we slept on the couch. We showered at the YMCA. We were so hard-up, we had just one computer. The website was up during the day, and I was coding at night. Seven days a week, all the time. If you do the simple math, say like ... Okay, if somebody else is working 50 hours and you're working 100, you'll get twice as much done in the course of a year as the other company.

"Rather than reasoning by analogy, you boil things down to the most fundamental truth you can imagine and you reason up from there. This is a good way to figure out if something really makes sense or if it's just what everybody else is doing. Now is the time to take risks. I would encourage you to take risks now. Do something bold. You won't regret it. Thank you."

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