One female employee working at Woolworths in Australia took to Twitter to expose an abusive manager.

According to her, she texted her supervisor prior to her shift to say that she couldn’t make it in. The employee said that she tried calling the store, but there was no answer.

The supervisor’s reply was shocking, berating the employee for texting on their day off.

“Call them again. Texting in to me or any supervisor is not acceptable.”

The employee then apologized, explaining that she thought it was better to let her manager know in any way possible instead of not showing up.

That’s when her supervisor erupted.

“Do you enjoy working on your day off? I don’t,” the manager texted.

“I am a human being you know. I need time away from work to relax and spend time with my family.”

The manager added, “I already donate enough of my time for my team.”

“So you can take your sassy comments and f*** right off tbh. Call the f***ing store”

-Woolworth’s manager


“I think even you know that’s an absolutely unacceptable way to speak to your team. Wow,” replied the employee and proceeded to quit on the spot, sparking outrage on Twitter in the process.

“OP here has made all attempts to let them know and you think letting the manager know would be the next best thing,” wrote one online commenter.

“And there’s zero excuse for language like that in any professional context.”

-Commenter online

Compassion is crucial

As the story made headlines, Woolworths released a prepared statement.

“The safety and wellbeing of all our team is our top priority and we are conducting a full investigation so we can resolve this matter promptly,” a Woolworths spokesperson said. 

This has been a largely forgettable year for many of us. Our health, sanity and frankly our faith in anything has pushed to the limit.

One of the places this has been felt the most are essential workers, who didn’t have an option to work from home. Through it all, they’ve showed up everyday and kept things together despite being mostly under-appreciated.

If this story shows anything, it’s that a little bit of patience and understanding can go a long way, especially from managers to their employees. And who knows what the manager was going through? Even though abuse of any kind is unacceptable, compassion can also go a long way when dealing with difficult people.

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