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The 6 Things You Must Do Every Day to Be Successful, According to Self-Made Billionaires
Elon Musk is never afraid of failure

The 6 Things You Must Do Every Day to Be Successful, According to Self-Made Billionaires

While we all revere the rich and famous, we assume their

path to their success was very intricate and complicated.

In some ways, it certainly was -- but some of their habits are those we can emulate in our own lives. In fact, in a five-year study of self-made millionaires, author Tom Corley discovered almost half of them woke up at least three hours before their workday began. So you should start setting that alarm now!

Now the reason they wake up so early? They have a lot to do…

1. Take the time to exercise

We already know that exercise is good for our bodies, but it’s also good for our mind. It’s been said that Oprah exercises every morning before she starts her day, and that’s a good way to start your day for all of us.  And it’ll make you perform better during your work day as well: A study from 2018 found that setting aside just 10 minutes for a light workouts improve your memory throughout the day.

2. Get motivated

Whatever it takes to give rise to your morale and motivate you, do that. That may be relaxing, meditating, or just thinking. Steve Jobs used to begin each day by asking himself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do?” And Tony Robbins meditates in a method he calls called “priming,” which he defines as “the act of taking time to adjust your thoughts and emotions, so you can live your life in peak state. ” Meditating, reading and enjoying a podcast are all ways to help reinvigorate your motivation.

3. Make time for those you love

Family time is important and relationships (or lack thereof)

shape every other area of our lives. A 75-year study led

by Harvard Medical School found that warm, positive relationships matter more

than anything else in our lives.

4. Make a plan

Be as detailed and precise as you can be. For example, Elon Musk is known to schedule his day in 5-minute blocks! If your day has a plan and a solid calendar, you are way more likely to stick to that plan.

5. Be happy and positive

Yes, this is something that can go on your to-do list! Just

share and send good vibes and make your day start on a positive note. A  study published

in 2011 by Wharton School and Fisher College found that people’s mood in the

morning affects productivity throughout the day. Entrepreneur and investor Gary

Vaynerchuk’s morning routine includes making a call to his family in the car on

his way to work. “I catch up with them and catch up with them,” he wrote in an

article for Business

Insider. “I really value those small moments,”

6. Start and maintain a healthy routine

This healthy morning routine can be customized to your needs

and lifestyles, but it’s important to stick to it. Routine and healthy habits

will energize you and inspire you and make your day better  - personally and professionally!

Time to set that alarm for tomorrow and get started!

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