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Famous Rapper Leaves Massive Tip After Accidentally Dining and Dashing From Restaurant
The Kid Laroi

Famous Rapper Leaves Massive Tip After Accidentally Dining and Dashing From Restaurant

He made a mistake and was accused of dining and dashing, then came back to make things right, even after the press was hard on him.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

Even when a situation appears to be cut and dry, it’s important to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, rather than making assumptions about the situation at hand.

This lesson came to life in an instance where a famous singer named The Kid LAROI appeared to have dined and dashed. The situation was a misunderstanding, and there was a happy ending at the end of the tale.

The Kid LAROI and His Unpaid Restaurant Bill

Famous singer The Kid LAROI stopped at a restaurant called Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub & Restaurant on May 2. The friendly staff showed him to a private room where he and his friends could dine without interruption.

The star had just wrapped a concert in Springfield, Missouri, and was enjoying some downtime with his pals. The group proceeded to order a variety of food items. They enjoyed two cheeseburgers, chicken wings, three orders of mac and cheese, a salad, and two brownies.

The group was pleasant during their interactions with the restaurant staff, according to Dublin’s Pass Irish Pub. The Kid LAROI dedicated some of his personal time to posing for photographs and signing autographs for some of the servers.

Several members of his group kept exiting the building for smoke breaks throughout the evening. The staff wasn’t particularly concerned when they saw the group walking out of the building.

The Situation Took A Turn

At the end of the evening, it became clear that the group had evacuated without paying the bill.

The group had racked up a bill worth $133.58 before accounting for the tip.

The restaurant staff was left feeling they had been taken advantage of.

The restaurant’s manager, Autumn Gray, expressed her discontent with the situation. She noted that her staff earns the majority of their income through tips. She was disheartened to see that she had given out free food and service without compensation, according to TMZ.

People Assumed The Worst

The press quickly picked up on the story and began publishing articles that indicated the artist dined and dashed. Social media ignited with comments from people accusing the artist of being spoiled and many accused him of having a chip on his shoulder due to his recent fame.

The Kid Laroi wasn’t facing any legal repercussions for his failure to pay the bill at the restaurant, but his reputation was becoming tainted when fans discovered he failed to pay the bill.

An Innocent Mistake

The entire situation was just a misunderstanding, and when the artist was informed of the situation, it became clear the unpaid bill was an error, not an intentional attempt to flee before paying.

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He could have just avoided the situation, but instead, he rose to the occasion and admitted he had inadvertently left the establishment without settling the tab, according to Page Six.

It was discovered that his security team was instructed to pay the bill at the end of the night, but somehow it was forgotten.  The star wanted to rectify the situation, even though several days had passed since the error occurred.

Making Things Right

The Kid Laroi’s team reportedly made contact with the restaurant staff in an effort to settle the $133.58 they owed.

They didn’t stop there.

As a kind gesture and apology all bundled into one, they tipped the server Monique $2,500 on top of the $133.58 they owed.

The situation turned out to be an innocent mistake that was quickly repaired.

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