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"Serving Those in Need": Firefighters Mow Lawn of Unexpected 95-Year-Old Struggling to Cut His Own Grass
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"Serving Those in Need": Firefighters Mow Lawn of Unexpected 95-Year-Old Struggling to Cut His Own Grass

The generous act of kindness set the internet on fire.

When it comes to maintaining a home, mowing the lawn is right at the top of the must-do list. (Unless you want to annoy your neighbors, then maybe, not so much.)

So, when one neighborly 95-year-old man's grass needed trimming, he gassed up his old mower and got to work.

Being that his house is perched atop a sloping hill, the task wasn't an easy one, even for someone not nearing a century old.

The nonagenarian was understandably struggling when help unexpectedly arrived in the form of the local fire department. Known for rescuing those in need, the firefighters didn't hesitate to jump out of their truck and give him a helping hand.

The heartwarming gesture was caught by a passerby and shared on the Austin, Texas Fire Department's Twitter account where it spread like wildfire, garnering over 50,000 views.

Video of Firefighters Mowing 95 YO's Lawn Goes Viral

The department's video shows a firefighter, dressed in uniform, making "quick work of the hilly front yard," while his colleague stands by, chatting with the senior. A third firefighter is also on the scene.

According to the caption, the fire crew happened to be driving by when they noticed the 95-year-old struggling to mow his lawn.

Rather than ignoring him and continuing on their way, they stopped, parked the firetruck, and quickly took over the job.

"Our E6/C-shift crew passed this house yesterday and saw the 95YO resident struggling to mow his lawn. They stopped the unit to give him a hand; FF Rivas made quick work of the hilly front yard. Kudos to them for serving those in need, no matter what that need may be!"

Kudos indeed!

The Firefighters' Act of Kindness Wins Hearts and Praise

The department's generous act of kindness earned praise on social media, with many on Twitter thanking them for going above and beyond for an elderly senior and calling them the heroes they are.

"Thank you for being good neighbors! :)" wrote @RMcCATX.

@LibbyZink said, "Thanks so much for helping a citizen in need; it means a lot in these trying times."

"1st responders are true heroes!" said @DPSdaughter.

@drummike2012 wrote, "Fire fighters rock! If the rest of our public servants took public service as serious as you do the world would be a better place."

And @tunoroppity commented, "Beautiful! Just think. They could’ve just waited until they were called to his place over a cardiac arrest or a life-threatening injury. Instead, a lawn got mowed, an old guy had company, a FD guy got some great exercise, & another had a great conversation with a 95 yr old man."

Sounds like a definite win-win.

Firefighters Do So Much More Than Just Fight Fires

Firefighters are known for putting out fires. But in reality, they do so much more.

One quick perusal through the Austin Fire Dept's Twitter page is all it takes to see just how big a pivotal role they play in our communities.

Not only do firefighters run into burning buildings but they also run in 10K charity events...

And when it comes to serving its community members, no one gets left behind, including the four-legged furry kind.

They are there to serve their communities in any way they can; from rescuing flood victims to organizing basketball games for a group of neighborhood kids to heading up a teddy bear drive and yes, even helping an elderly man mow his lawn.

While we may not all be firefighters, we can take a lesson from their unofficial rule book. For by coming together to serve those in need, we can create a world that is a little bit kinder, a little bit more compassionate, and a little bit more loving.

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