Sports bring out the competitive side of athletes but can also put their kindness and humanity on display for the world to see.

This is exactly what Australian Football League (AFL) team Geelong Cats’ Captain Joel Selwood did after the Cat’s AFL title victory.

Selwood wanted to share the thrill of winning the AFL league with his team’s much-loved water boy Sam Moorfoot.

Moorfoot Was Honored as an Essential Part of the Team

Moorfoot, who has Down syndrome, has been working for the Cats since 2015 and has been a lifelong supporter of the club.

During their post-game victory celebrations, Selwood was seen walking up to the water boy, who was cheering the team on from the stands and asking him to come onto the field and join the team in the celebration.

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Selwood helped lift Moorfoot over the fence and onto the field to be a part of the joyous scene.

“I’m very proud of my boys to win a premiership.” Gushed Moorfoot. “Joel said he wanted to get me on the ground. That was the moment of my life…what an honor!” Once the Aussie football captain helped Moorfoot onto the field, they shared a hug to the delight of the fans. And then, as Sky News host Chris Smith described, “Geelong Cats player Jeremy Cameron put his own medal around Sam’s neck, in a scene that brought the house down. Beautiful stuff – how good was that?”

Kindness Moves Mountains

The video has left the Internet in awe of the consideration of the players. One of Moorfoot’s greatest life moments quickly became an experience that millions of non-football fans were able to share, with the video being a sensation on YouTube and Twitter.

Former NBA player Rex Chapman retweeted the video to his 1.2 million followers, writing: “Because most everything else sucks right now, please check out these 40 seconds”.

Another reminder that kindness always wins.


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