Have you seen those ‘Which Disney character are you?’ quizzes floating around online? They are wildly popular, and for good reason.

We love to explore potentially new and unknown aspects of our personality. We’re fascinated with learning more about ourselves (in a good way) and we do that partly through comparisons. How do we appear different? What makes us unique?

There are now dozens of high-quality personality tests of all shapes and sizes online, all designed to tell you about a different aspect of yourself. So, we’ve gathered 10 of the best free ones to help you learn more about your character traits in order to ultimately find your life purpose.

We’ve broken the tests down into five categories, including personality type, skill assessments, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and two more at the end for some good, clean fun.

Personality type5 Personality Traits that Successful Entrepreneurs-value-more-than-all-others

Who are you? How do you prefer to relate to the world around you? The tests below will help you take a closer look at your character traits, values and behaviors.

1. 16 Personalities

Based on Carl Gustav Jung’s original research on personality in conjunction with aspects of the Myers-Briggs personality test, 16 Personalities is one of the most comprehensive tests on this list — and my personal favorite.

Currently, people have taken the test over 26 million times, making it one of the most popular personality tests available online. And it takes only 12 minutes to complete, so you don’t feel like you’re in school taking exams all over again (like some personality tests online).

Take the 16 Personalities test

2. “Who Am I?” visual DNA

The “Who Am I?” visual DNA test is entirely different from 16 Personalities, and was included on this list because of its unicity. The quiz will show you a collection of images for each question, and you’ll be asked to select which visual fits you best based on several different topics.

Like 16 Personalities, though, it’s one of the most useful personality tests available online — and pretty fun to take.

Take the “Who Am I?” visual DNA test

3. DISC assessment

The DISC is a short test that will help you understand the nuances that make up your personality type and behavioral style. Developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston, the assessment focuses on four areas of behavior: dominance, inducement, submission and compliance.

It will give you great insights about the way you operate in a business setting, which you can use to align your career with your personality.

Take the DISC assessment 

Skill assessment testspersonality-traits

What are you great at? What are your weaknesses? The tests below will tell you all about your skills and talents.

4. Skills You Need

Skills You Need focuses on communication and collaborative interpersonal skills, from listening to communication ability, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

This is a great test for figuring out, based on basic scientific knowledge, how effective you will likely be at interacting with others, and what you need to improve upon to get better.

Take the Skills You Need test

5. Sokanu Career Assessment

Sokanu Career Assessment tests you on a variety of professional skills to determine your proficiency. It will also suggest various ideal careers based on your results.

Take the Sokanu Career Assessment test

Intelligence tests

Highly accurate IQ tests are typically not free or online, however, there are now several IQ tests that provide a pretty good level of insight.

6. See My Personality

See My Personality uses challenges created by Ph.D. researchers to calculate your IQ. Plus, results are broken down based on brain sections and show you how your unique thought process works.

Take the See My Personality test

7. The Mensa IQ Test

Mensa International society now has an online version of its legendary test. Want to see how well you stack up against the smartest people in the world? This is the test to take.

Take the Mensa IQ Test

Emotional intelligence tests


Photo Credit: Drew Hays on Unsplash

A hugely important aspect of our personality, emotional intelligence can tell us a lot about ourselves. Discovering where you’re at on the EQ spectrum and use the information to help you narrow down your quest for purpose.

8. Institute for Health and Human Potential

The Institute for Health and Human Potential test (or IHHP for short) is a series of questions based on assessing how you’d react around others in various situations.

Your results will tell you what level of emotional intelligence you have as well as how to improve, if you’re interested.

Take the Institute for Health and Human Potential test

9. Goleman’s EQ Test

The person who exposed the original Emotional Intelligence research to the world, Daniel Goleman created a test to help you discover more about this critical type of intelligence, which in recent years has gained a ton of traction with regards to career opportunities.

Take Goleman’s EQ Test

Fun quizzespeople-having-fun-office

Sometimes, it’s useful to do something different to help discover another side of yourself and this can even lead to new adventures. So, get a little silly.

10. Spirit Animal Quiz

Who doesn’t want to know what their spirit animal is? Okay, this one might be the most “for fun” test on this list, however, it’s a blast and super fun to find out.

So, what is your spirit animal? Mine is a snake. I have no idea what that means (even after reading their explanation page…), but if you figure it out, feel free to tell me!

Take the Spirit Animal Quiz test

11. Pottermore Sorting quizzes

Easily one of the most important personality-esque tests you could ever take (half-joke), if you don’t already know which Hogwarts house you’re in, you should take a minute to experience the incredibly fun and enlightening Pottermore quizzes.

You can take tests to find out your Hogwarts house, Patronus, wand, and even your Ilvermorny house, the North American wizarding school. Yes, you are permitted to be a kid again.

Jokes aside, each aspect of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world was designed with important personality traits in mind, so the tests can tell you a bit about yourself in the process of having fun.

Take the Pottermore Sorting quizzes