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Grandfather Wishes He Could Spend More Time With His Ten Grandkids - So He Buys a School Bus to Drive Them to School Each Day
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Grandfather Wishes He Could Spend More Time With His Ten Grandkids - So He Buys a School Bus to Drive Them to School Each Day

A wise grandfather of ten has come up with a beautiful way of seeing his grandkids with purpose every day.

A grandfather from Oregon has pulled out all the stops to be able to see his ten grandkids every single day.

Grandpa Doug Hayes picks up his grandkids, Amara (10 years old) Christian (9), Autumn and Lily (8), Gabriel (6), Everett, Piper, Emma (4), Hero and Teddy (2) in a small-sized yellow school bus every morning and takes them all to school.

How a Grandfather is Being Proactive And Seeing His Grandkids Every Single Morning

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The 59-year-old grandfather said it was a personal goal of his to purchase a bus to not only safely get his flock of grandkids to school every day but to interact with them every morning.

What's more, the first time he showed his ten grandkids the bus, it was on Christmas morning. Almost like a real-life reindeer sled.

The grandfather — who lives in Gladstone, just outside Portland — says his kids were "ecstatic" when they saw the school bus.

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Five of Hayes' grandchildren go to a small private school that doesn't provide a bus service. Hayes says the private school kids always admitted to wanting to be able to take the iconic yellow bus to school like the public school kids.

So Hayes literally decided to take the wheel.

Grandfather Hayes says all of his grandkids live about a 25-minute drive from his house and their school is just about three miles from his home.

Every Morning Is an Opportunity to Serve His Family

Hayes makes the trip every morning and picks up all ten kids — even though Hero and Teddy aren't yet in elementary school. He says the school bus pick-up has become part of his everyday morning routine. He makes the rounds and picks up all of the kids, drops off the bus at his house, and takes his car to work.

Hayes and his wife spent about two months tracking down a reliable school bus and they purchased one that came pre-decorated with magnets, letters, and numbers on the ceiling. Essentially, it's a party bus. While grandpa is driving the kids to school, the young ones get to decorate the inside of the bus.

Grandfather Hayes also added seatbelts to all the seats for additional safety.

The kids have been delighted to be able to take the iconic transport to school every morning but Hayes might be the one who's even more excited. He says it's all about "getting to spend a few minutes with them every single morning."

How is that for a little bit of ingenuity? Family time, learning, and the undeniable nostalgia of iconic yellow school buses. This is an incredible example of putting family first!


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