Thanks to a connection she made while running errands, Elizabeth is on her way to her first vacation in over 30 years!

The older we get, the more life experiences we had planned to enjoy start to seem like far away dreams. As incomes get smaller and retirement approaches, things like traveling or taking a luxurious vacation just don’t seem accessible.

For one Texas grandmother, the dream of a vacation was just that– a dream. However, it unexpectedly turned into a reality thanks to a run-in with a stranger.

Things Changed at the Tax Office

At 78 years old, Elizabeth Kuykendall only does a handful of things throughout the week that afford her the opportunity to meet new people. One of those things is simply running errands, including visiting the tax office.

Like many seniors Elizabeth would prefer to pay her taxes in person rather than online, and makes her way into the office in person to pay her monthly home taxes. There, she met somebody who changed her life. 

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Elizabeth got to talking to a man who was waiting at the office to renew his driver’s license. Though the man was decades younger than Elizabeth, they quickly found they had something in common– they both complained that their taxes were too high!

During the discussion, Elizabeth let it slip that she and her husband hadn’t been able to take a vacation in over thirty years due to time and financial restraints. She explained that all the money they get from social security goes towards paying their living expenses.

They never have enough left over to take a trip. The man felt for Elizabeth and understood how stressful life could be. The two parted ways after taking care of their business, and Elizabeth figured she would never see the man again. 

An Unexpected Note Appeared

Elizabeth didn’t think about the conversation again until she got an envelope in the mail from an anonymous sender. The envelope included $2000 cash and a note that said: “It was great seeing you the other day. I hope you & your husband can enjoy a short vacation.”

The letter was totally anonymous and the PO Box included on the envelope didn’t exist. The man obviously wanted to stay anonymous. Elizabeth was over the moon! She and her husband immediately began brainstorming about the trip, suggesting ideas about where to go.

For now, the top contender is the Grand Canyon. What better way to celebrate the trip of a lifetime than by going to see one of the wonders of the world.

Thanks to a connection she made while running errands, Elizabeth is on her way to her first vacation in over 30 years!

She can credit her open heart and friendly attitude– it is thanks to those qualities that she got to know the generous stranger whose gift has changed her life. As for the stranger, his generosity and humility are awe inspiring. He has given a priceless experience to a deserving woman! 


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