The teens were hanging out in front of Walmart when they approached a man with an offer he wasn’t expecting.

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A group of teenagers hanging out in front of a store is not always the most welcome sight. Teens are known to be rough and rowdy and they often do stupid and confrontational things to test boundaries and impress one another.

A recent run-in with a group of boys in front of Walmart could have scared off one Delaware man; instead, what happened warmed hearts and created a great memory for everyone involved. 

The Bet One Man Made With a Group of Teens Outside Walmart

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Jeff Gravatt was going about his business one night, running errands at Walmart, when he ran into a group of teenage boys goofing off with their bicycles. One of the boys approached Jeff and asked him if he wanted to make a bet. Instead of being nervous or ignoring the boy, Jeff eagerly engaged and answered that he was always up for a bet.

“Group of young kids caught me on my way into the store. Asked me if I wanted to make a bet. I replied ‘I’m a gambling man,’” Jeff said.

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The boy who had approached Jeff bet him that he could ride his bike in a wheelie, a move where the front wheel is off the ground, from one stop sign to another one a good distance away. Jeff agreed and placed a bet for $10 with the boys. 

“Older kid said he could ride a wheelie on his bike stop sign to stop sign. I said no way… and how much? He said 10 bucks. I said why 10? He said they wanted a large pizza at Dominos…. I said ‘deal.’”

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The teenager popped a wheelie and when he landed, he was just shy of the second stop sign. He had lost the bet. The boys were discouraged, but kept an attitude of sportsmanship throughout the ordeal. As the boys were trying to figure out where they could find $10 to honor their part of the bet, Jeff was already on the phone with Domino’s. 

“He came very close but couldn’t hold his wheelie that long…. While they were figuring out how to come up with 10 bucks, I had already ordered their pizza plus a 2 liter of sprite. Made my night. Love seeing kids be kids,” Jeff said.

Before leaving the boys to enjoy their pizza, Jeff snapped a selfie with them and shared the anecdote on social media. He expected friends and family to comment on the post, but instead it went viral.

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“I play basketball almost everyday with kids like this. I think running across these kids randomly loitering outside of a store, most people would be nervous, because they’re large, athletic and loud. However, it really is important that people realize these really are just kids and they really really want your approval, as an adult. Just be good to kids, and they’ll be good to others,” one Facebook user commented.

Like this comment, hundred others left positive messages on the story, discussing how the simple, fun interaction helped them see how important it is to set an example and always lead with kindness.  


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