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Desperate Mom Can't Feed Her Hungry Newborn at 2 a.m. - Finds Help From Two Surprising Heroes
desperate Utah mom calls police after she runs out of breastmilk to feed her newborn
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Desperate Mom Can't Feed Her Hungry Newborn at 2 a.m. - Finds Help From Two Surprising Heroes

Left with no other options, a mother of five called the local police for help.

After the fourth child, a mother would think she has parenting down pat: perfecting a birth plan, making most of the time when your baby is down for a nap, budgeting for baby products.

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But even with that fifth child, a complete surprise can spring up and leave you in desperation.

How a Breastfeeding Mother Ran Out of Milk - At the Worst Moment

Wes hicks xg lgdzvpe0 unsplash 1024x683
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

On January 28, 2020, Shannon Bird tried breastfeeding her fifth child, a newborn girl. But at 2:12 am, she realized she was totally dried up, and she didn’t know what to do.

“I’ve never been in this predicament ever,” Shannon said that night. "My milk just literally dried out. This is my fifth kid, and this has never happened.”

Shannon’s husband was out of town for work and her four other children were asleep. She tried calling her neighbors and her family, but no one was awake to answer. That’s when Shannon called the police.

“I’ve been calling neighbors, and no one will answer,” Shannon told the 911 dispatcher. “She was screaming. I called my husband and we were brainstorming. I started calling neighbors and teenagers in the area and my little brother and no one was awake.”

How the Police Helped a Desperate Breastfeeding Mother and Her Hungry Baby

Matt popovich 7mqszse6fau unsplash 1024x554
Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

The dispatcher assured Shannon that help was on its way. That’s when Lone Peak Police Department officers Brett Wagstaff and Konner Gabbitas arrived on the scene. The kind men grabbed a gallon of milk from a convenience store, and presented it to Shannon when they arrived at her home.

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Unfortunately, the milk they brought was unsuitable for the baby’s age, and formula was needed. So the officers tried again, heading to Walmart this time to grab baby formula.

“We’ll leave this with you. We’ll be right back with some formula for your baby - she’s adorable,” officer Wagstaff said to Shannon, handing her the milk from the convenient store before trying again.

Luckily, the officers found the right type of milk at Walmart.

That’s the same stuff we gave our daughter when she was first born, so hopefully it doesn’t upset her stomach or anything.

One of the officers

How Two Police Officers Ended Up Saving a Young Family at 2am

Jonathan borba rwge9 lkj y unsplash 1024x683
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Proud of their officers’ work, the police department posted about the incident on Facebook.

“So very proud of our Officers and their dedication to duty,” the caption read.

The officers were presented with a challenge that was unlike any of the emergencies they had faced before, but they still treated it with respect. They hustled to help the mother-in-need and her baby, saving the day even in the middle of the night.

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