One little baby in China was found and protected by a young mother whose maternal instincts kicked in when she saw her.

When babies are abandoned at birth, they don’t always get lucky. We often hear scary stories about their fate. Thankfully, one baby in China was found by passersby who did literally everything in their power to rescue her.

A faint cry

A woman in Beiwei village, which is in Xianyang city, north-west China’s Shaanxi, saw a storage box outside of her office, a property company in the village’s downtown. Thinking nothing of it, she continued on with her day. Later, she passed the box once again and heard a baby crying. That was when she realized the box was not garbage, but an abandoned newborn. The crying attracted other passersby, and everyone went to investigate. What they found was unbelievable.

Inside the box was a newborn baby girl, wrapped in bedding. Also in the box was some milk and about 100 yuan ($14 USD). Onlookers acted quickly and got the baby out of the burning sun, then proceeded to search around for water to give the crying infant, who was obviously hungry. 

Maternal instinct

One passerby, a young woman who also happened to be a young mother, acted quickly and lifted the baby gently into her arms. She then began to breastfeed the child, giving her some much-needed nutrients and hydration. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the child sleeping and onlookers stuffing money into her sleeves. Social welfare workers revealed that the baby was suspected to have cerebral palsy, and may possibly have other conditions that require further examination. The story was posted online and went viral, with people on social media praising the breastfeeding mother, dubbing her “the most beautiful mother.”

Praise this mother.

Facebook commenters

Beautiful mother

While it may not always be the best idea to breastfeed another person’s child, there are always instances that call for doing the unusual, but right thing. When a child is in need, they need their community to come together and protect it. This is what happened in Xianyang city, and it is what we hope to see happen all across the world. 

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