“Makes me cry every time. I love them so much.”

Alice and Jerry Krenke have been a shining example of healthy love for decades. They set the bar high, happily married for nearly 60 years, and hardly spending a night apart.

However, when Alice was hospitalized following a heart-valve transplant surgery, they had to face one of their toughest tests yet. Following complications from the surgery, she was hospitalized near the couple’s home in Stratford, Connecticut.

Her hospital stay occurred during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning Jerry was also unable to visit his wife in the hospital. For the inseparable couple, this was devastating. Jerry was wracked with worry over his wife, and unable to physically support her the way he wished.

For the first time in their long marriage, the couple spent prolonged time away from each other, and it happened to be during a serious health scare.

The Incredible Moment Caught on Film

However, in a fortunate twist of fate, Alice was released from the hospital early, and given a clean bill of health by her doctors. The rest of the family decided to keep this from Jerry, opting instead to surprise him in the sweetest way possible.

The couple’s granddaughter, Paige Hine, orchestrated the reunion, filmed it, and shared the heartwarming footage to TikTok where it captured the hearts of thousands.

Jerry thought Paige was simply coming over to visit her grandfather, but after greeting each other, Jerry looked up to see Alice standing in the doorway.

After he recovers from his initial shock, he rushes over to embrace her. The two exchange loving words as their family looks on in tears– their relief palpable. The two remain in each others arms, overjoyed at being able to be with each other again. “You’re home” Jerry remarks in surprise, adding “I missed you so much.”

Alice says she is “better now” when asked how she is, and Jerry tells her “you scared me.”

Cherishing Each Other Because We’re All We’ve Got


Makes me cry every time. I love them so much❤️❤️❤️ #fyp #foryoupage

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Paige captioned the video, “Makes me cry every time. I love them so much,” adding that it was the longest the two had been separated in their entire marriage. Clearly, she was not the only one who was moved by the footage.

One user remarked, “you can tell they’re still so in love” while another wrote “This is so beautiful, please cherish them!!!”

The tender footage made its way around the internet, viewed over 500,000 times.

The two share a special bond, their reunion a reminder of what is truly important in life. They clearly do not take a single moment for granted, and cherish each other in a way that is extremely inspiring. In our fast paced world, we often get caught up in superficial worries or stressors.

Watching these two seem to freeze time in each other’s arms, however, is an important reminder that our health and loved ones are some of the few things that truly matter.