How they responded will restore your faith in humanity.

Do you remember how important your toys were as a kid?

For Toby, a precocious four-year old from Bournemouth, UK, his toy car was everything.

After he dropped his car in the street, it was sadly flattened by a passing (real) car, leaving the child devastated.

The child was ready to ring the alarm over the incident, which apparently left him sobbing for hours.

Toby’s Foster Parents Convinced Him to Send a Letter

Toby’s foster parent, Ash Dobtini told a local publication: “He was getting into the car outside our house, and he dropped his toy car, and it bounced across the street. A car was coming, and it drove over his car.

We went to get it after the car had passed, and it was all cracked and crushed – he was so upset, he cried for about four hours.”

His foster parents had to convince the boy not to call the police over the incident, though he was still determined to seek justice.

Instead, they persuaded him to write a letter to the local authorities, which resulted in this heartwarming story.

Not one to be held back by his age or abilities, Toby opens the letter with: “My mummy is writing this because I don’t know how to write yet and my mummy said your phone people like it.”

Endearingly, he describes the “naughty man” who drove over his toy car, and asks for them to catch the bad man and “tell him off.”

Much to their surprise, Toby actually received a response from Sergeant Sophie Williams, who saw a copy of the letter circulating online.

A New Car and a New Perspective

The officer wrote that she was “very sorry” to hear about Toby’s car, and reassured him that they would let Santa know to put him on the naughty list. She also turned the exchange into an important lesson for the young boy, sharing that “not everyone is always as nice to one another as they should be. But it is important to remember that there still lots of good people within your community.”

She also bought him a brand-new toy car with her own money, setting a prime example of the ‘good still in their community’. The Sergeant expertly turned a cute letter into an important learning moment for the boy, leaving him with a powerful reminder of the importance of compassion.

Toby’s parent, Ash, said the gesture has helped change Toby’s perception of the police from one of fear to trust. He also says that Toby is thrilled with his new car, which he carries in his pocket for safekeeping.

Hopefully, this one remains in one piece, and Toby remembers the kindness of the police officer even as he outgrows the toy car.