After returning a wallet containing $2,000, a man named Jay spends his reward paying it forward in the most unexpected and delightful way.

YouTube Personality Waqas Shah conducted a social experiment that renewed his faith in humanity, and as usual, he caught it all on camera.

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The video is set in New York’s Union Square, where a number of people living with homelessness have formed a community. In it, Shah is seen on camera dropping his wallet, which contains $2,000, in front of a homeless man.

This was intentional, of course, to see what the person who found it would do. What wasn’t as expected, however, was the man’s response.

How an NYC Man Used a Lost Wallet to Change Everyone’s Idea of Homelessness

Waqas Shah assures a sad homeless man in a blue hoodie on a busy NYC street

After taking a few steps, the man, named Jay, yells after Shah. “Woah, buddy! You dropped your wallet,” he calls out in the video. “You dropped it right over there.”

After asking whether the man was, indeed, homeless, an astounded Shah said, “You gave the money back to me!” He didn’t hesitate in responding why.

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“Giving back is what you do. I don’t steal,” Jay told Shah. Waqas then hands the man a gift to show his appreciation of him doing the right thing. “You’re a great person,” Shah told him. “Thank you for giving it back to me.”

Waqas walked away, but that wasn’t the end of this incredible journey. Jay had a few surprises yet to deliver to the world.

Why Waqas Shah’s $2,000 Social Experiment Left Him Speechless

Waqas Shah hugs a homeless man in a hoodie on a nyc street

Shah’s ever-present cameras continued to secretly film the man to see what he did next.

As the video continues, Jay is seen heading to a nearby food cart, where he buys three meals, which he then distributes to other homeless people in the area.     

Shah, who once again surprises Jay, approaches him again and asks him about his second act of honesty and generosity in less than an hour. His response once again left the YouTuber floored.

“Giving back is the thing to do,” Jay says in the video. “The more you give the more you get.”

He goes on to explain that his wife is pregnant, saying, “Every day I cry and pray that everything will turn out fine. Being out on the streets is very, very hard.” 

Shah, whose jaw seems permanently affixed to the floor at this point, amazed by this man’s kindness and heart, tells Jay he’s amazing and gives him more cash to thank him for taking care of others in the face of such adversity.

“I love that you’re spreading love,” the YouTube host tells him in the video, capping off the final incredible link in this incredible chain of kindness.


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