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Mom Leaves Wallet in Shopping Cart by Mistake and Drives Away - Hours Later, She Gets a Knock on Her Door
security guard returns wallet after biking 3 miles - gets gifted a car from the community
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Mom Leaves Wallet in Shopping Cart by Mistake and Drives Away - Hours Later, She Gets a Knock on Her Door

After going above and beyond to help out a customer, one Hawaiian man was rewarded beyond his wildest dreams.

There are many negative sayings and sentiments floating through the world these days. Expressions like “no good deed goes unpunished” make us feel like there is no point in doing anything kind for others.

There is a myth that we should all just mind our own business and let the chips fall where they may, because no good comes from doing good. This, of course, is categorically false. Sometimes, heartwarming stories come around that not only prove this, but also inspire us to do good for those around us. One such story revolves around a security guard in Hawaii.

How One Hawaiian Security Guard Embodied the Meaning of 'Aloha'

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Photo by little plant on Unsplash

In Hawaiian culture, aloha has many meanings. First, it is a greeting. However, it is also an expression of love and friendship. One man was a living example of 'aloha' when he encountered a customer shopping at the grocery store where he worked. The woman was shopping alone with her young son, and was obviously overwhelmed because she forgot her wallet in her shopping cart and never even noticed it was gone.

Aina Jose, a security guard at the Foodland supermarket, noticed the wallet and kept it on him throughout his shift in case the woman returned to look for it. When she didn’t, Aina took things into his own hands.

Why a Family Decided to Raise Money for a Foodland Security Guard

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Photo by nextbike on Unsplash

Because he didn’t own a car, Aina hopped onto his bicycle and rode miles and miles to return the wallet to the address found on the woman’s driver’s license. The woman and her husband, the Marino family, were overcome with gratitude when the wallet was returned to them. They couldn’t believe that Aina had taken his personal time and made such a great effort to help them out. They decided to do something big to show their gratitude.

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The Marinos decided that they wanted to raise money for Aina to help him buy a used car. They invested money themselves and then turned to friends, family, and the broader community for support with the goal of raising $5000 for their new friend. Surprisingly, they ended up raising $25,000! They bought Aina a car and invested the rest for his future. Aina was overjoyed at the Marinos' expression of gratitude. 

Thank you everyone for helping make this dream a reality. Please keep this positivity, sense of community, spirit of aloha, and love for our neighbors going!

The Marino family

How People Can Achieve Anything When a Community Comes Together

Service and helping others reduces anguish and increases personal happiness

Aina’s community came together to reward him for his small act of kindness towards the Marino family. This example of love and friendship is one that we should all look to replicate in our own communities.

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If you find a lost wallet, return it. If you are able to go out of your way a little bit to help someone in need, do so – you will always be rewarded, one way or another. 

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