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Stranger Asks Homeless Man to Live With Her - Then, She Takes It One Step Further by Doing This
Homeless Man Reunites With Mom on Kelly Clarkson Show After Being Taken in By Stranger
Uplifting News

Stranger Asks Homeless Man to Live With Her - Then, She Takes It One Step Further by Doing This

In one moment, with one question, one woman took a man from homeless to homebound.

Some magical tales just can't be drawn up in a Disney studio, and this classic is one of them.

This story unfolded on the Kelly Clarkson Show, during the ‘Dare to Love' hour. Clarkson describes the segment as "shining the light on people who have chosen to love when they could have just walked away simply.”

The guest was Stacy Jennings, and boy did she have a story to tell.

She was walking down a street in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was there that she saw a homeless man who reminded her of her own son. With that as motivation, instead of just passing him by as most of us would do, she chose to love.

Jennings stopped to make conversation with the man, whose name was John. For some reason, Jennings felt the need to ask him about his mom and how long it had been since he’d spoken to her. He said that “it’s been a long time.”

What Jennings asked John next set magic into motion.

The Incredible Favor One Woman Asked of a Homeless Man

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"I’d really like you to call her and tell her that you’re okay," she recalled asking. He replied, "I'll call her right now if I can use your phone."

After an emotional couple of minutes on the phone, John then told Jennings that his mother, named Kelly, wanted to be put on speakerphone so she can talk with her. That's when Kelly asked Jennings if she could give her son a hug.

John replied, “Mom, she doesn’t want to hug me, I’m filthy and I stink,” and they laughed. After John hesitated, Jennings leaned in to hug him. "It was a really special hug, it was like hugging my own son,” she said to applause.

Oh, but this story was just warming up.

How One Call Set off an Incredible Chain of Events

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After parting ways with John, Jennings couldn't stop thinking of his mom. Finally, she built up the courage to call her. During their short conversation, she learned just how much they had in common.

Jennings' youngest son was a deputy sheriff while John’s oldest brother was a detective. John is a struggling addict, and Jennings' oldest son is also a struggling addict in recovery.

Their rapport only drew Jennings further to John. She recalled that she "wanted to find him for her, I felt like I really needed to do more."

Trusting their heart, Jennings and her husband drove downtown and quickly found John.

That's when they made him an incredible offer to come to live with them and he said yes. Jennings remembered John saying, “It’s starting to feel really good to feel normal again and that just made me feel good.” 

How One Resilient Mother Finally Spoke to Her Son

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At that point in the story, Clarkson asked Jennings if she ever met Kelly. She replied she hadn't but she'd love to meet her one day.

Cue sweet surprise number one.

Out came a giddy Kelly, face-to-face with the woman who saved her son. They hugged each other tight like old friends.

“I don't have a sister, so I call her my sister now, we have so much in common,” said Kelly, adding that, “She’s been my guardian angel or John’s guardian angel."

She said that prior to speaking with him, she hadn't heard from her son in months. The stress was tough to bear, but a mother's resilience is strong.

"Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. So inevitably, I just thought the worst and all I could do was pray that he was fine and hope I didn’t get that terrible call," Kelly said.

She then recalled what it was like picking up the phone and hearing her son’s voice.

“I was having one of those ‘I need a good cry' days and my phone rings and it’s John, and the emotions were overwhelming! I asked him a million questions!"

How a Stranger Reunited a Mother With Her Son

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Photo by Julia M. Cameron

Clarkson then asked Kelly how long it had been since she’d seen her son, and she replied it was almost 2 years.

Cue sweet surprise number two, and the sequel was even sweeter.

“Here’s the thing, John is here and he cannot wait to see his momma in person, are you ready for this?! Come on out John!”

After a hearty hug from his mom, he turned to Jennings and said “I”m not stinky and dirty now” as they hugged as well.

John was in disbelief.

I'm blessed, the luckiest guy in the whole wide world. You know, I’ve noticed where I’ve been traveling, good hearts find good hearts, and they all come together.


How a Mother Proved That Caring Can Create Magic

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Then Clarkson asked John if there was something he’d like to ask his mom, and he popped the question.

"I was honestly just wondering if I can come back home for a little bit," he asked. Of course, mom accepted, as the crowd erupted with applause.

Jennings saw John not only as a human with intrinsic value but as the son of a mother who was worried sick. Yet that moment paved a whole new life path for John where there was once no hope.

And to think, it all started by someone who dared to care. We should all work up the courage to be so bold and see what magic we can make.


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