One community stepped in with major surprises for a homeless man and his daughter.

The homeless population doesn’t usually have a very amicable relationship with local law enforcement.

Homeless people frequently break the law out of necessity, and the police often have no choice but to apprehend them.

However, one recent run-in between officers and a homeless family was the opposite of punitive — it warmed the hearts of all involved! 

The Tough Times One Homeless Dad and Daughter Went Through

man sitting with a young child on a bench
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A Colorado man and his 10-year-old daughter recently found themselves down on their luck, forced to live in their SUV. Sadly, all of their belongings and garbage filled the car, making it obvious that people were living there.

On top of it being their home base, the man, James Schweikhard, was using the car to get to and from his job. Things were getting cramped and unpleasant fast, and they were just about to get worse.

One day the car broke down, leaving James and his daughter stranded and without a way to get to work. James was now unable to get to his job, so he was fired. What had started as a tough situation was now an impossible one. 

“It’s tough. It’s really tough. Because I’ve got to look out for her as well as myself. I’ve got to make sure she’s good and taken care of,” James said.

Why the Police Approached a Homeless Family

To make matters worse, the police were approaching the vehicle. James knew that this might lead to an arrest, which could potentially cost him in legal fees or land him in jail — leaving his daughter all alone. He was scared.

When the police approached, however, he was amazed that they only asked him what was wrong and how they could help. James was in disbelief. 

“I saw them looking at my truck, and I was like, ‘Officers, what’s going on, why are you looking at my truck?’ and they said, ‘Well, we’re trying to help you.’ I could accept that, but I’m not used to getting help from cops. I’m really not,” James said.

The officers called a tow truck company and offered to pay for the towing and for the repairs the SUV needed to run smoothly again. They brought it to an auto shop and explained the situation, inspiring the auto shop to pitch in as well. James got a good-as-new vehicle back from the shop, but the good news didn’t stop there. 

How One Community Pitched In to Help a Family

Things went from finally okay to even better for the little family. The community rallied together, helping James get a new job, an apartment, and donating items that would help the family be comfortable.

What started as a scary experience evolved into one of the best moments of James’ life.

James and his daughter learned that they had a community around them ready and willing to help. Their story reminds us that sometimes when we’re suffering, all we have to do is ask.

People usually want to do the right thing and often have the power to help us in small ways that add up. Additionally, if we have the power to help others in small ways, we should always do so — little acts of kindness can produce big results.


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