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How to Create an Appealing Job Offer to Hire a Professional
team work and success

How to Create an Appealing Job Offer to Hire a Professional

When looking to expand your workforce, it is absolutely essential that you get the absolute best professional for the position. To attract the best professional you will need to put up an attractive first-rate job advertisement that will get you qualified people applying for the job. The quality of the applicants will depend on how well the job listing has been done. There are numerous techniques and tips that one should follow to create a job offer post. Here are some steps to finding the best professional.

Team work and success

How to Create an Appealing Job Offer to Hire a Professional

Ditch the descriptive part

An advertisement and a description are two different things. An advert is the correct way to entice the professional you require for the job position, while a description only works for inter-company requirements.

Keep it short and witty

Long job posts are boring and time-consuming to read. You just have a few seconds to entice the client. For that, the first few lines should be catchy and witty. Ditching big sections of text will attract the attention of the job-seeker..

Screen the applicants

Keep the job advert very specific so as to attract only those professionals who have the key skills required for the position. For example, if your job posting is about a digital artist then mention the specific skills that are  need for the particular role. That would reduce the number of clients applying for the job who do not have the required skills.

Think of a catchy title

The first thing that catches one’s attention is the title, so put some time into finding the perfect title for the job offer. Add the keywords that specify the kind of job being offered. Filtering through all the job profiles is a tedious task, so including the right keywords in the title makes this faster and easier.

Include a specific instruction

Including a specific instruction helps in screening applicants who do not follow it. For instance, you could mention that the company will only accepts application that mention a specific keyword on the header of their application. This will help you weed out clients who don’t read the offer carefully or follow instructions.

Edit and proofread

Proofreading is necessary for any kind of writing, whether it is an essay, an applicant’s application or a job advert.  There are different websites offering effective editing and proofreading for your benefit. One of them, Essay Seek,checks your work and makes it go from good to great. Let websites like this assist you in finishing off a great job posting.

Show commitment

Some candidates may need time to consider and think about the job offer, which is absolutely natural. Talk to them and sort out any additional information that they may need to know before they can go ahead with the job application. Ask them questions without being too pushy. This will allow you to address any hesitations they might be having that may lead to turning down the offer. It is always best to respond to the applicant’s doubts and questions!

Include a “Why should I work with you?” section

Every professional wants to know why should they work with your company, just as every recruiter wants to know why should they hire a particular person. Your job posting should include the following points:

  1. Point out the advantage of working for your company.
  2. Describe the vision and mission of the company.
  3. Mention the experience and highlights throughout the years.
  4. Mention feedback by valued customers, employees.
  5. Mention the valued projects that the company has worked on.
  6. Mention the qualification of the recruiter and the person one is going to work under.

Mentioning these points will make your job advert stand out.

Answer all applicants

Reading through application letters is a tedious affair as it is the most important. Similarly, a person has gone through endless job offers and selected yours to apply to. Being professional and friendly at the same time is a positive aspect of a company. The recruiter or the HR department should always follow up with applicants with a courteous message to people who did not make the cut. If answering to each and every mail is not possible within the time you have, you can always build up an effective and generous template and send in as a response to rejected applications. Building a template is not a difficult task, but one can always use the help of in building one.

Mention the deadline

It is advised to clearly mention the last date to apply. The deadline of the job offer should be mentioned at the bottom of the job offer so that interested applicants can apply within the deadline.

You may include a “killer question”

A “killer question” is always a good attempt to understand the level of interest one applicant has. The question should have the ability to extract an answer from the applicant that helps you decide the absolute perfect professional fit for the job profile.

Use social media

There are certain benefits of advertising on a social media platform, as it reaches many people. Finding the correct way to benefit from its use is a challenge, but once you do, it will help you hire candidates effectively.

Finally, the better you advertise, the more efficiently you'll hire. Devoting some special time and consideration to making an effective ad will only help you hire adept professionals for the job. The list mentioned above is only to help you write an appealing job post that would definitely help and attract adept professionals for the job you are offering.

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