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How to Keep Your Relationship Young and Healthy
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How to Keep Your Relationship Young and Healthy

There are so many studies and opinions out there on how to keep your relationship alive. Every time we feel like we fail in our relationship, we seek for advice. We read science-based tips in magazine articles, we turn to our friends and family, and analyze our behavior -- anything that helps.

Then we find ourselves following some ridiculous steps that make things even worse -- not because they’re wrong, but because they just don’t come naturally. Sometimes the answer to a happier and healthier relationship is right in front of our faces, but we can’t see it because we’re too busy complicating our existence. Most couples stay strong because they keep their spirits and relationships young.

Let me put it this way: Have you ever asked your significant other something like “Do you remember how we used to laugh at the silliest things?” Well, what made you stop? Oh, I get it! You’re mature now and some couple activities are just inappropriate for your age and status. Or are they?

It’s not uncommon for couples to find certain activities or habits “lame” at some point, but what's wrong with doing something that used to make you so happy? Everything you did together and enjoyed help you to build your relationship and made you love each other more, day by day.

Here's how to keep your relationship young and healthy:

1. Laugh and play together

We can all agree that laughter is the best medicine and we can try to crack a joke here and there to make our partner laugh. But play?! Yes, play! Board games, video games, hide-and-seek… whatever floats your boat. It's fun and it'll make you laugh big time.

Stop thinking you’re “too old” for this. And if you’re not good at telling jokes, tell them anyway. It can’t hurt. Your partner already knows your comedian skills, but at least you've tried.

2. Try new things together

Just like you did when you were younger. The world is yours to discover and there’s always something new to do.

Some people try bungee jumping, some try a new food together. It doesn’t have to be extreme, it just needs to create new memories for you to share!

3. Don’t be afraid to show your affection

A public display of affection means that people are quite comfortable in their relationship, wherever they are.

Relax, you don’t need to have a full-on make-out session in front of everybody and act like desperate adolescents. Simply hold hands, hug, or smile at each other every now and then.  

Keeping physical distance whenever someone else is around creates emotional distance in the long run.


4. Celebrate each other’s successes

Doesn’t it feel awesome when you accomplish something and your partner is genuinely happy for you? Do the same for them!

You’re a team and you become the best one when you help each other grow. When your partner gets a promotion, open a bottle of wine and celebrate!

5. Find a mutual hobby

Some couples share fifteen hobbies, but for others, finding just one can be a real challenge. They say that opposites attract, not to mention, some people enjoy activities that don’t include company.

However, couples that share hobbies are happier and last longer. Ask enough questions and you’ll definitely find something that you both love.  And if nothing comes to mind, just Netflix and chill. After all, this is about spending quality time together more than anything else.

6. Don’t go to bed angry

This is a golden rule! It may physically hurt to kiss your partner goodnight after they made you angry as hell, but try it. Even if you barely touch lips, you’ll see that as soon as you get closer to them, a lot of tension will disappear.

Push the “pause” button for now. You’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to go on with your argument -- or you'll find that a moment of intimacy has given you perspective on the conflict.

7. Don’t forget to say “I love you” and show gratitude

Remember how often you used to say it earlier on in your relationship? Happy couples say “I love you” every day. It’s part of their daily routine. How wonderful it is to hear your partner say that after an awful day! It instantly brightens things up.

Also, remember to say “thank you,” Don’t just assume your significant other has to do stuff for you simply because you’re in a relationship. They do it because they choose to, because they know it makes you happy. So show your appreciation at every opportunity.

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