It ruined a wife’s wedding memories for years after. Then a random phone call — and one romantic husband — remind her what true love is all about.

Since first meeting on that muddy college soccer field, Drew and Kayla knew they’d be tying the knot before turning the tassel. And so, though still students, there they were only a short year later, on a friend’s gazebo-turned-altar, taking their vows to be Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried.

It was a magical day, a success in just about every way. Balloons soared and wedding cake was cut in a beautiful ceremony. Yet not long after that day, Kayla was in tears, sobbing to her mother.

The reason why was heartbreaking and would linger for years.

The Devastating Phone Call One Bride Received

When Drew heard why Kayla was crying, he was also crushed. As per the Washington Post, somehow, the video footage of the couple’s special day vanished. They had taken the videotape to an editing store to be burned. However, the store called a couple of days later with the awful news that it was blank.

But life goes on. The Gottfrieds would have photos and memories of that day, and also made new ones. They built a great life with two wonderful kids in Pleasant Hills, Oregon.

Years passed until one day, a random phone call touched the couple and millions around the globe in an unforgettable fashion.

The Incredible Surprise One Husband Planned for His Wife

woman laying her head on man's shoulder in an empty movie theatre
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It was the Goffrieds’ 14th wedding anniversary and Drew, ever the romantic wanted to make it special for Kayla. And so, he took them to the very ramen resto where the two had their first date as college sweethearts.

During the date, Kayla thought back to their wedding day, and how nice it would be to have the video to watch together. Both sighed and nodded as their night went on.

After eating, Drew took Kayla to a local movie theater to top off a classic date night. Despite her constant asking, Drew was tight-lipped about the movie. Drew then asked a confused Kayla if he could record her reaction to the film.

She realized why when, after the previews, she heard her mother’s voice…on the screen. There was the young couple appearing on-screen on the gazebo, Frank Sinatra playing.

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Tears of joy ran down Kayla’s shocked fast as the memories of that day came rushing back. Kayla had spotted her aunt, who had died about a year earlier, sitting in the crowd.

“How is this happening? How do you have these?’ I was trying to ask through the tears,” she recalled to Inside Edition.

Drew posted the moment on TikTok to share with friends and family. Well, let’s say a few others popped in as it got over 4 million views. Needless to say, there was not one dry eye in the theatre or online.

“Crying like a baby right now. what an amazing surprise. Happy anniversary. I wish y’all MANY more,” wrote one.

“😭 This was so beautiful 😍 ❤️,” posted another.

The Best Husband Award goes to… this wonderful man!

The Magical Call That Changed Everything

That phone call was made to Drew and it was from his church’s creative director, James Danna. According to Inside Edition, he recalled finding the wedding tape by accident.

“We have this old box of tapes, and I just dug through here, playing things, popped it into the recorder, and there’s Drew and Kayla,” he said. That gave Drew the motivation to plan that fateful date night, making sure the cinema was cleared out for the feature film.

Drew said that Kayla and he are not taking any chances, adding with a chuckle that “We’ve got like five or six copies now.”

How One Husband Proved That Love Endures All

Reflecting on their love, Kayla said their real success can’t be captured on tape.

“I just feel like we were really able to grow up together. Even though 14 years have gone by, I still feel that young, giddy love,” she said.

It’s ironic that a physical object can remind us that the things that are most valuable can’t be touched or even seen, but felt. That’s something no one can ever take away from Kayla or Drew.

However maybe in a funny way, the tape returning home reminds us all where the heart is.