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Instacart Delivery Person Drops Groceries at Customer’s House - Follows Her Strange Gut Feeling and Saves a Life
Instacart Employee Follows Her Instincts and Saves a Man’s Life
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Instacart Delivery Person Drops Groceries at Customer’s House - Follows Her Strange Gut Feeling and Saves a Life

One woman knew something didn't feel right when she delivered groceries.

"Trust your gut."

We have all heard this expression at some point in our lives. Though science hasn't been able to explain this supernatural sensation, for one delivery driver, it happened to save a life.

The Strange Gut Feeling One Instacart Employee Had


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Jessica Higgs, a mother of two, works part time as an Instacart delivery driver, a service that provides grocery delivery. Typically the relationship between driver and customer ends when the package is dropped at their home, but Higgs' intuition told her to stick around one fateful day.

Higgs documents parts of her job on her TikTok account, and her recent story went wildly viral on the app. In an emotional video, she shared the story of one her deliveries that had an unlikely turn of events.

Earlier that week, Higgs had made a delivery on behalf of a daughter ordering groceries for her bedridden father. So when an order for the same address came in, Higgs did not think much of it, and expected to leave the groceries on the front porch the same way she had done previously.

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However, Higgs describes feeling the need to go a step further that day. In the video she shared above, she describes a gut feeling telling her to do more than simply leave the groceries on the porch and leave. She overlaid the video with text reading, "If you see something say something" to remind viewers how important our intuition really is.

Luckily, she followed hers, and describes feeling the urge to help the older gentleman move some of the groceries into his home. Although this technically goes against the policy of Instacart, she entered the home, and helped set some of the items down on the counter. What happened next might have saved more than one life.

How an Instacart Employee Saved a Man’s Life

Higgs describes feeling unable to leave the man's home, noticing an overwhelming sensation that something was not right. Despite knowing that intervening in this way was unprofessional, Higgs felt she had to reach out to the man's daughter, sharing in her TikTok video that a voice in her head said, "You gotta say something. You gotta say something, Jess."

Instead of just marking the order complete, she sent a message to the man's daughter. She told her that it was unprofessional to do something like this, but really felt that the woman's father was sick and in danger. "There's a propane tank in there," she told the woman. "I was in there maybe five feet and I got dizzy. There's got to be a leak. He might not be doing good because of this leak."

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The woman responded gratefully, and said she would send over her son to check on the situation. She increased the tip, but it wasn't until the next morning that Higgs knew just how much of a difference she really made. "Thank you so much, once my son went to check on my dad it turned out it was definitely leaking," the customer wrote. "You definitely saved my dad and my younger son's life!!!"

Higgs told the story through tears, overwhelmed by her intervention in a stranger's life.

The TikTok video posted above has been viewed over 15 million times, and sparked celebration from many. Even some huge celebrities like Bella Hadid have stepped in to recognize Higgs' efforts.

"You are not 'just an insta cart worker'!!!!!! U R helping people every single day in ways u probably don't even know ❤️????Thank U for being U!!!!!!❤️," commented Hadid.

How One Woman Proved the Importance of Following Instincts


Stitch with @jessicahiggs3 - cause even heroes need a vacation. Thanks @captaincruiseguy

Royal Caribbean Cruises shared a TikTok video of its own praising Higgs for her heroic act and offering her and her family a seven-day cruise anywhere in the world. "Cause even heroes need a vacation," the company wrote.

Jessica Higgs' story should be a reminder to follow your gut instinct, and to never underestimate the effect one can have on the lives of others.

Had Higgs simply followed instructions and delivered groceries without a second thought, things may have likely played out differently that day. Higgs is a hero, and many of her viewers have reminded her of this.

Throughout her video, she describes herself as "just a delivery driver," and many of the comments encourage her not to downplay her role, and recognize her for the hero she is.

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