Jada Pinkett Smith appeared on People Live recently, and took the opportunity to get real about what is really going on behind the scenes on her Facebook Live show, Red Table Talk.

On the show, we see three generations of her family chatting about how button issues, and sometimes more intimate personal ones.

“I just think about the fact that it’s a beautiful legacy to leave for three generations of a family,” says says.

She also talked about what is going on right now with the R. Kelly controversy. “You look through the lens of race. You say because these were black girls, no one cared. You look through the lens of stardom, you say because this person was a huge star, we turned a blind eye. There’s many ways we’re all complicit. It’s about being conscious and making sure everyone’s well being is intact. That is the main issue and the main point. Yes someone can make great music, but if their health and mind is not in a healthy space, we need to look at that.”

It’s an excellent point, and it’s one that has to be more fully addressed. Do we as people make special allowances for the rich and famous.

Taking time to rest and reset


Of course, it’s pretty intense to be in the limelight, and Jada admits after her Facebook Live chats, she, her mom, and her daughter Willow will need a cool down period. “We kind of go to the other side. My mom, Willow and I will have some hot tea and continue to talk about the conversation, to sort of …calm down…and have a slow down.”

But when she’s not having that hot tea cool down, she’s all about making the world a better place, and that includes having more women, specifically women of color, in high profile movie roles. “I’ve made it my business, in regard to where I have the power, to include and create inclusivity in my projects.”