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Jelly Roll Visits His High School Years After He Was Banned

Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage (via Getty Images) and TikTok/ xomgitsbunnie
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Jelly Roll Is Kicked Out Of His High School - Years Later, He Returns With a Surprise

Singer and rapper Jelly Roll is shocked when he's invited back to the high school he was expelled from.

High school is either one of the best times or one of the worst times of your life, depending on how you lived it. You might have nostalgia for the “good old days,” or you might want to leave that part of your life far, far behind.

For famous country star Jelly Roll, the high school years were especially dramatic. In fact, he’s been quite open in the past about those years of drug addiction and legal battles. Things got so bad that he was actually kicked out of his high school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Making his way back

Jelly Roll ended up in jail nearly 40 times before he finally was able to start turning his life around. He was only fourteen years old the first time he went to jail, and he spent his last prison sentence earning his GED. Three years later, he collaborated with Lil Wyte on Pop Another Pill. The video went viral, and Jelly Roll started to ride the wave to fame and fortune.

Despite all his success and a career that has taken him all over the world, high school was somewhere Jelly Roll never thought he’d go back to. He’d been kicked out, banned. He wasn’t supposed to set foot in that school ever again.

Guest of honor

Man in black suit standing in front of peopleman in black suit standing in front of peoplePhoto by Kevin Gonzalez on Unsplash

So imagine his surprise when he was invited back…and not just for a visit but for a special pep rally given in his honor! When he walked up to the school’s front door, it was a powerful moment. And this time, when Jelly Roll walked the halls of Antioch High School, students and teachers actually cheered.

“The love and giving back that they showed my husband was the sweetest thing ever to watch,” said Bunnie Xo, host of the Dumb Blonde podcast and Jelly Roll’s wife, as she watched her husband walk down those halls.

The singer and songwriter went all in for the students that day, singing some of his most popular songs in the school gym and staying longer to sign autographs.

Bittersweet memories to last a lifetime

But it wasn’t all roses for Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo. That same day, she learned that her father, who had been struggling with cancer, passed away. It was a day of strong emotions for the couple, a day of ups and downs.

In a video she posted to TikTok, Bunnie Xo said, “The smiles on those kids’ faces was priceless and what I truly needed in that moment. Thank you Antioch High School students and staff for the warm hug we needed that day. Go, Bears!”

Things came full circle for Jelly Roll the day he was able to go back to his high school for the first time in decades. While high school was not a happy memory for him before, now he can look back on the day of the pep rally and hold Antioch High School closer to his heart. Now he can look back at how far he’s come.

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