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Jennifer Garner helps homeless man in a wheelchair wear new shoes.

Jennifer Garner Gives Her Shoes to Homeless Man

YouTube/ X17onlineVideo
Uplifting News

Jennifer Garner Spots a Homeless Man Wearing Old Shoes - the Paparazzi Records Her Next Move

Sometimes photographers and celebrities can work together for good.

You don’t often witness moments of celebrities and paparazzi working together for the greater good, but then again Jennifer Garner isn’t like most celebrities. The actor is known for her charitable work and doing what it takes to help others, but this might be one of her most inspiring stories yet.

A Day of Kindness

Jennifer Garner helps man in wheelchair.

Jennifer Garner caught on camera helping a homeless man.


Recently, photographers captured Jennifer Garner helping people out in Santa Monica, California. The actor, dressed down in a white T-shirt and a trucker’s cap, was handing out supplies to homeless people by the beach.

One outlet recorded a video of her handing out the items, and the videographer happened to catch the moment when Garner realized the man in a wheelchair she was helping needed new shoes.

Wanting to assist, she got out of the car, removed the man's old shoes, and put fresh socks on his feet. She tried to put her own shoes on the man, but they didn’t fit. Garner then spotted the videographer following her and approached him with a simple request: could she buy his shoes?

Inspiring Good Acts

In the video, the man refused payment for his shoes and gave them to the man instead. Furthermore, Garner’s acts of kindness inspired him to go above and beyond as well: he added several items to the pile, including a blanket, some pants, and a fresh t-shirt.

“Jennifer Garner's selflessness reminds us all of the power of compassion and the positive impact one person can have on another's life,” the outlet wrote in its video caption.

In the video’s comments, people added their own thoughts, calling Garner a “real-life angel” and saying it was the nicest gesture they’ve ever seen from a celebrity.

“Anyone here who is doubtful of her actions, get a life, seriously,” one person wrote. “Would any other celebrity touch a homeless person’s feet and help change their pants at all? Would YOU do it?”

“There should be more movie stars helping people in need,” added someone else. “Jennifer is such a wholesome and kind person.”

“Usually, I'm skeptical about recorded good deeds of celebs or influencers since it's too often about their narcissistic need for attention. However, this here, is clearly a woman who acted out of concern and empathy. Well done, Jennifer. Well done,” wrote someone else.

We Are All the Same

One of the most touching parts of this story is that, at the end of the day, we are all human. And sometimes, we all need help. Some people have more than others, whether that be health, money, status, privilege, or something else. But having more doesn’t make one person better than another, and it doesn’t mean we can’t stop to help a fellow human being in need.

Garner, who on the surface seems to have been given a pretty decent hand in life, knows that. Her actions with that homeless man prove it. More importantly, by showcasing her kindness and empathy, she inspired others to help in their own ways.

At the end of the day, kindness is what makes the world go round, no matter who you are. Lead with it and remember it when you’re in a position to help someone else. One day, when you need it most, it will also show up for you.

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