Jennifer Lawrence – Sick of Diets

Jennifer Lawrence talks about the unhealthy pressures that filmmakers and the media place on women’s bodies, and urges us to rethink our idea of physical beauty.


I remember that really kind of breaking my heart, because it’s hard to hear that you need to lose weight when you don’t think that you’re fat, like when you are perfectly fine with your body. I know that I’m not the only one. I know that there are lots of filmmakers that have this idea of this unobtainable perfect body image, and they put those unobtainable pressures on people, and people are watching us actors and looking at our bodies and comparing themselves to photoshopped pictures, and I feel like the media refuses to take responsibility for the effect that we have on society and the younger generation when we talk about each other in the way that we do, and we judge people in all the wrong ways. It seems like all of the values are in all of the wrong things, and I’m so tired of hearing women call other women fat. I think we have to think about the way that we talk about each other, and I think that we need to change the way that we see beauty, and I’m sick of diets.”