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Teacher Cries at Work When She Realizes Her Student Is Going to Bed Hungry - Then Jennifer Lopez Gets Involved
Jennifer Lopez Gets Involved After Teacher Realizes Her Student Goes to Bed Hungry
Uplifting News

Teacher Cries at Work When She Realizes Her Student Is Going to Bed Hungry - Then Jennifer Lopez Gets Involved

Teachers set up a food pantry after realizing kids were going hungry.

Teachers are an important part of any child’s life. They can bring joy to learning, help guide young minds through difficult challenges, and observe children away from their home environment to see where they’re thriving and struggling.

However, the job doesn’t just stop in the classroom, as teachers spend many overtime hours planning, marking, communicating, and ensuring their kids have everything they need. Sometimes, though, what a child needs also goes beyond the classroom.

A Hungry Tummy

student in a classroom

In 2019, a Tennessee school teacher at Jacksboro Elementary School named Brooke Goins took to Facebook in a since-deleted post to share the story of a hungry child, as per ABCNews. In her post, she recalled a child in her class asking when “the lady who puts food in our backpacks” was coming.

“It caught me off guard because it is our guidance counselor, and I wasn’t sure what he needed,” she recalled. “I told him I wasn’t sure about this week since it is a short week. He told me he was out of it at home and needed more.”

Further speaking with the student, she realized that the child liked the “little Os” and was hoping for some.

“We don’t have those at my house, but when I do have them, they give me a warm belly and help me sleep,” she recalled him saying.

“I lost it; I cried in front of 20 little people. No kid should ever be hungry, ever,” she added.

Coming Up With a Plan

That day, Goins conferred with several other teachers. They pooled their money and went shopping, picking up pasta and other food for the little boy so he’d have food at home.

Then, they decided to take it further and set up a food pantry for the students, and the teacher decided to share the story on social media to promote it.

“Today I’m thankful for all of my people at school, big and little,” Goins wrote. “It takes a village; it really does. It’s a crazy rollercoaster of emotions being a teacher, but today it was worth every tear to see him light up when that bag was put into his backpack!”

A Celebrity Gets Involved

The strategy worked, and people began sharing the post and donating to the food pantry. Then, the most surprising thing happened: Jennifer Lopez heard about it. The celebrity and her then-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, wanted to help.

“It brought tears not just to my eyes, but Alex's as well!” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, as per ABC News.

Together, the former couple donated a year’s worth of meals to the food pantry through a food delivery service called Tiller & Hatch, which they were part investors in. They set up weekly deliveries of frozen soups, stews, and pasta to help warm up all kinds of tummies.

“This is why being a business owner and having actual ownership in companies (not licensing) is so important to me and Alex, especially as Latinos,” Lopez continued.

“It allows us to have a say in creating things that make people’s lives better and have partners that share our passion for giving back. Because giving back and being there for others is really what matters most.”

Giving Back

It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity with companies and charities or a teacher with a limited budget to spend in the classroom; everyone can give back. This story reminds us of that and inspires us to do our part.

When we see someone struggling, we often have it within ourselves to help. That could be financially, spiritually, mentally or physically.

If you don’t have money to donate food, you can donate your time or used items. Small items also add up, so don’t underestimate the power of adding a couple of cans of unperishable goods to your next grocery shop and dropping them off in the donation bin on your way out.

Small and big acts of kindness are important, as is giving back when we can. If you’ve got a bit of luck in life, why not share it with someone less fortuitous? We all have the power to positively impact people, families, and communities just by trying to do our best. So why not start today?

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