His original goal was to lose weight for a girl, but the ultimate rewards are the life lessons and skills he gained along the way.


All it took was showing up. And that’s just what Jorden Pagel did, over and over and over again. This led him to develop what he describes as “ruthless consistency.”

“When I first started this journey, all I did was show up to the gym. Every day. I didn’t always work out. Some days I just sat in the hot tub or the steam room. Some days I rode the bike or did the elliptical. And occasionally I ventured down to the other end of the building to walk around the weight room and pick things up,” he wrote on his blog.

“And when they say showing up is half the battle, they’re wrong. Showing up is a majority of the battle. Showing up puts you in a position to win. If you don’t show up, you can’t win.”

Growing up overweight was never really a problem for the now fitness coach — he’d get teased here and there but it never really got to him.

He still did hope to get in shape, and tried all of the tricks in the book. But the motivation wouldn’t stick. He never actually stepped on a scale until after he graduated from college.

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And when he did and realized that he weighed 280 pounds, it still didn’t scare him into getting in shape.

It was a romantic interest that drove Pagel to commit to finally changing his ways. He figured he didn’t stand a chance with her looking the way he did, and something clicked.

Little did he know that this moment would be a defining point for how the rest of his life and career was going to unfold.

After working through the pain of self-acceptance and taking responsibility for his life, Pagel’s health, life and career blossomed. He has now made it his mission to inspire and help others to not only reach their fitness goals, but also become the best versions of themselves.

He shared the virtuous cycle that led him on the path to self-development:

“Had I not lost 80 pounds, I would never have chosen a career in fitness after I lost my job.”


“Had I never chosen a career in fitness, I would never have found John Romaniello, and applied for business coaching with him.”


“Had I never applied for business coaching with John, he may have never asked me to join his Mastermind, and accelerate my career.”


“Had I never joined John’s Mastermind, I likely may have never developed the relationships I have with John himself, and the likes of Eric Bach, Tanner Baze, Nick Sorrell, Robbie Farlow, Alex Mullan, and a bunch of other amazing, like-minded people who have helped me become a better coach, entrepreneur, and person.”