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Who Is Julia Roberts' Husband and Why Is Their Marriage Considered Complicated?
Julia Roberts and Danny Moder kissing and smiling at the camera

Who Is Julia Roberts' Husband and Why Is Their Marriage Considered Complicated?

While tabloids often claim that are problems in Julia Roberts and Daniel Moders marriage, the couple seems to be going stronger day by day. So what's the problem?

Not all relationships have a magical and romantic start like we usually see in the movies. In real life, relationships have all kinds of backgrounds. So, while Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder didn't meet in a travel bookshop in Notting Hill, they are clearly a match made in heaven.

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The couple may have had their ups and downs, just like any other relationship, but tabloids are constantly picking up on them. Maybe it's because the actress and her husband try to keep things private or maybe because there is some truth to their claims. 

Whatever the case, the couple will soon celebrate their 20th anniversary, a milestone that warrants getting more acquainted with their relationship, including the challenges they have gone through and the sometimes nasty rumors with which they are so often forced to contend.

How Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Met

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder young

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder met in 2001, on the set of the movie The Mexican. Both were otherwise attached at the time, with Roberts dating actor Benjamin Bratt and Moder being married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

Bratt and Roberts were together for four years and their relationship seemed to be coming to a natural close by the time Julia met Daniel. Bratt married someone else soon after his split from Roberts, so apparently things worked out well for both of them.

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Daniel, on the other hand, was still married when he laid eyes on the Runaway Bride star. His wife, understandably upset, initially refused to sign the divorce papers. Even though the two were no longer in love, Steinberg wasn’t ready to end the marriage.

He sorted his whole thing out, separate and apart from me. And I sorted my life out, separate and apart from him. I think that’s the only reason we were able to ultimately fall in love with each other and be together.

Julia Roberts to Oprah

Given how things went, it's clear Roberts and Moder started their relationship with a bit of a scandal. Doubling down into the awkwardness, the actress actually attempted to shame Vera as she was seen wearing a custom t-shirt that read “a low Vera”.

Her attempt soon backfired spectacularly and she pretty much lost her status as “America’s Sweetheart." But as far as her relationship with Moder went, everything worked out just fine.

Did Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder Have a Secret Wedding?

Julia Roberts in green checkered suit with husband Danny Moder

While the celebrity couple didn’t start their relationship in the most romantic way, they took care of to improve their dynamic with each other and the public later. Thought their was some secrecy to their relationship, especially their nuptials.

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To everyone’s surprise, Roberts and Moder tied the knot on July 4, 2002, in a top-secret ceremony held at the actress’s ranch in New Mexico. Nobody knew a wedding was happening when the two invited over some of their closest friends and family to celebrate Independence Day. "Getting married to Danny. That was the first, like, my life will never be the same in the most incredible, indescribable way," said Roberts of the event.

After two years of marriage, the couple welcomed twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and in 2007, Julia gave birth to their third child, Henry. "The thing is, we have these three human beings who are just a complete reflection of the affection we have for each other," she told In Style. Clearly, things were going well. So why do they so often face public scrutiny?

Are Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder Living Separate Lives?

Julia Roberts in Law of Attraction overlooking city

Over the years, some tabloids have suggested that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are living separate lives due to marital problems. Of course, when you have an endless amount of cash at your disposal, it’s only natural to think about adding some properties to your real estate portfolio.

Julia Roberts is the proud owner of multiple properties, including two homes in the desirable Point Dume area of Malibu, California. Since they are only 20 minutes away from each other, journalists started asking why she would purchase two houses essentially in the same neighborhood. 

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It has been rumored that Moder, who is an avid surfer, spent too much time chasing waves and too little with his family. So in order to fix this issue, Roberts reportedly purchased the second house to keep her husband from going away on surf trips. If this is true, it sounds like it was worth every penny. 

Later on, an insider revealed that the couple were living separate lives for years. He also stated that Roberts and Moder were playing the happy family because if they’d split, Danny would be entitled to half of the actress’ fortune. Besides, a divorce would also ruin their children’s future.

Maybe some of the rumors are true, or maybe some people would do just about anything to mess with other people’s happiness. One thing’s for sure: you can’t just assume that if a couple owns several properties, they are living separate lives. Without any actual proof, these statements are just tasteless and ridiculous.

Seeming to speak to these rumors directly, Julia Roberts told ABC News, "People don’t know anything. People assume. People decide. It is not for me to ask anybody to assume or decide or feel differently."

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Prove Privacy Is Key to Relationships

Julia Roberts Danny Moder selfie on a beach

Julia and Danny's relationship has always been very low-key, which might be what ticked off so many publications in the first place. While others assume many things about her marriage, she is busy loving her family and being loved back.

Despite rumors that the pair has problems or that their relationship ended, Roberts and Moder are still together. They still attend events together and have only nice things to say about each other.

So, until further notice, we'll simply say that Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder are enjoying a happy, long-lasting relationship. Let's try assuming that's true, and just be happy for them.


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