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"You Got This": Kate Winslet Stops Interview to Comfort First-Time Kid Journalist

"You Got This": Kate Winslet Stops Interview to Comfort First-Time Kid Journalist

"Guess what? It's going to the be most amazing interview ever..."

A first interview is a big deal for any journalist – but even more so for a child asking her questions to one of the world’s biggest stars. And that’s what happened to a young journalist covering Titanic and Avatar star, Kate Winslet.

Martha is a “kinderreporterin” — which is German for “child reporter” — for ZDF Logo!, the youth division of the German news outlet ZDF. Martha began her in-person interview as part of Winslet’s international press junket, explaining to her that, "it's my first time (interviewing)."

The A-List actress used the moment to reassure the young girl and coach her through the experience, telling her: "You got this!"

She quickly put the interview questions on hold and gave Martha an impromptu pep talk, encouraging Martha that it would be "the most amazing interview ever. And do you know why? Because we've decided that it is going to be. So we've decided right now, me and you, this is going to be a really fantastic interview."

A clip of the interview quickly went viral, amassing millions of views worldwide.

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Displaying true kindness, Winslet went on to tell Martha that she could ask "anything that you want. You don't have to be scared. Everything's going to be amazing. OK? You got this."

After Kate’s encouragement, Martha appeared relaxed and confident throughout the rest of the interview.

ZDF later tweeted about the exchange in German, applauding Martha and saying that being a "child reporter is not an easy job, especially not when you have to interview a world star … in English!"

"It's great when this world star can inspire courage like Kate Winslet," ZDF wrote.

The sweet moment between the legendary actress and the young journalist continued to warm the heart of millions as Winslet’s film "Avatar: The Way of Water," went on to be nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

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Journalist Elena Nicolaou, a senior editor at, shared that the experience between Winslet and Martha was particularly similar to her own first “big” interviews with a Hollywood star. Winslet was also the very first celebrity she spoke with and Nicolaou gushed that Winslet was the "definition of generosity and grace."

"She was nicer than she had any incentive to be," she said, "touched my arm like a mom and guided me off the small red carpet to make sure we could hear each other."

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After speaking to Kate, Martha went on to interview James Cameron - who directed both Avatar and Titanic – and she appeared overflowing with confidence throughout their chat.

A little bit of motivation goes a long way — chalk up yet another reason to love Kate!

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