Kevin Hart – Take Responsibility

Kevin Hart sits down at the breakfast club to talk about the struggle and how its okay to go through phases in life where you’re not in an ideal position.


Speaker 1: I was going to be a stripper.

Speaker 2: He was going to be a stripper.

Speaker 3: You were going to be a stripper?

Speaker 1: I was going to be a stripper. This is me in community college. Money is dry, and I was dealing with this girl. This chick, she was like, “You know what you should do?”

Speaker 2: She tried to pimp him.

Speaker 1:“You should start dancing.”

Speaker 3: Dancing. What was the stripper name?

Speaker 1: Huh? What was going to be my stripper name?

Speaker 3: Yes.

Speaker 1: We didn’t get that far.

Speaker 3: Oh, okay.

Speaker 1: We got far enough for me to think about a routine that I should do. We got far enough for her to give me advice on a routine, and she got some outfits.

Speaker 3:Outfits?

Speaker 1: Yeah, she was like, “Dude, this is what you gotta wear.” That’s when I started getting skeptical. As funny as me putting myself in a situation to possibly almost strip is, there’s a lesson in that. Like, yo, as crazy as it was, desperation was in and I was about to go to the ultimate route of desperation.

It took somebody going, “Man, what the hell are you doing? My brother, what are you doing? Stupid! What are you doing? No, you ain’t about to do that. Go out there and just take your lumps. You’ll figure it out. You ain’t about to do this, not my brother.” It took somebody checking me to make me go, “All right, it ain’t that bad to struggle.” I thought if you were struggling, that’s bad, because what else you do? Man, go struggle. Go get your dumb ass out there. It’s a lesson within the attempt to find an easy route. I wanted a quick fix. How do I get some quick money in my pocket?

The life lesson within that moment was there is no win in the quick route. Everybody wants that quick route. Everybody wants to, “Why I’ma go straight when I can zigzag real quick and get there at the same time?” There’s nothing wrong with taking a longer route. There’s nothing wrong with grinding. There’s nothing wrong with actually working and getting a little dirty and getting some lessons from the dirt that you now got on your hands.

Your life is a book. You got different chapters in your life. Ultimately, you’re gonna get to the end of your book. However you want that book to end is up to you. Are you learning from the chapters? Are you taking the positives out of the negatives to make the next chapters better? Or are you the type of person that can finish each chapter on the negative and shoulder shrug it? You gotta start taking responsibility. When I started doing that, that’s when I started to grow, that’s when I started to get better.