One honest KFC customer found more than she bargained for when discovered over $500 in her lunch. Her honesty and integrity, however, got her an even bigger reward.

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JoAnn Oliver, an accounts receivable specialist and full-time caretaker, found an unexpected pile of cash in her fast food bag. When she decided to return the money to the restaurant, the unexpected consequences changed her life. 

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JoAnn takes care of her husband, who is battling cancer, and hadn’t eaten properly in a few days. She was dead-set on getting a pot pie from KFC for lunch because she was starving and in need of a hearty meal. After letting her colleagues know she was heading out for lunch, she headed for the drive thru. That’s when disaster stuck.

Her local KFC was out of pot pies. Undeterred and still ravenous, JoAnn opted for a chicken sandwich instead (with extra pickles, naturally). Sandwich in hand, she headed back to her desk, excited to finally eat something. As soon as she unwrapped her sandwich, she got a wild surprise.

What JoAnn Oliver Found at KFC Shocked Her – What SHE Did Next Shocked KFC 

In an envelope underneath JoAnn’s order was $543 cash! 

Her work colleagues couldn’t believe her luck and talked to JoAnn about how she could spend the money, including all of the ways it would help her ailing husband. After all, JoAnn spends between $300 and $500 every month on medical supplies, including things like colostomy bags and medicine.

“No, I can’t keep this,” JoAnn said, refusing her coworkers’ calls for a shopping spree. “It ain’t mine. I literally did not want anything to do with the money. That’s why I put it back in the bag and slid it to the side. I didn’t touch it even after that.”

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JoAnn refused to keep the money, calling the non-emergency police line instead. JoAnn decided to wait to eat her sandwich, keeping it as evidence until the police showed up. Once they did, they returned everything to the restaurant and discovered the source of the cash.

A manager had put the day’s cash deposit in the envelope, and had meant to bring it to the bank. As fate would have it, the cash accidentally ended up in JoAnn’s bag. If she hadn’t returned it, the incident would have cost the manager his job.

JoAnn still hadn’t eaten anything, and she finally got a brand new sandwich from the restaurant, which was all she wanted in the first place! The police department posted about the incident on Facebook, congratulating JoAnn for her honesty in a statement which read:

Character and integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking!!! Not only did Mrs. Oliver do the right thing but she saved the manager’s job. Mrs. Oliver thank you for reminding us that we have amazing Citizens in Jackson and it’s people like you that make us great!

– City of Jackson Police Department, Georgia

Colonel Sanders Gives a Special Gift to a Woman Who Returned a KFC’s Cash

KFC Motto its finger lickin good
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Touched by JoAnn’s integrity, KFC executives got in touch with her. with a special reward.

Unbeknownst to her, they set up a GoFundMe page for JoAnn and her husband, and donated over $5,000! In only a few days, the GoFundMe raised $5,640, and at the time of this article’s publication, it’s hit $13,855 of its $1 million goal — and is still accepting donations. Her actions resulted in getting ten times as much as she would have gotten if she kept the cash! KFC continued to praise JoAnn, saying in a heartfelt statement:

“We’re so grateful for customers like JoAnn who go above and beyond to do the right thing. Your KFC family is thinking of you, Hilbern and family!

JoAnn Oliver proves we shouldn’t chicken out when it comes to honesty. Her tender response led to just desserts, sure, but her actions reflect how we should order our own lives, and act in any season.


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