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Kris Carr: Take Fun Seriously
Kris Carr - Take Fun Seriously
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Kris Carr: Take Fun Seriously

Kris Carr - Live Your Life

Bestselling author and cancer survivor Kris Carr talks about the importance of leaning into your life, because fun is a serious affair.


"I have to live with a supposed terminal illness. For however long I'm going to be around for, I didn't know how to live my life without cancer. When I say, 'live,' I mean the ultimate sense of the word. Feel good, be happy, know how to take care of myself, know how to eat, be in healthy relationships, and really enjoy my life. At 31 years old, I was not enjoying my life. I was pretty depressed and I was pretty lost and I had pretty low self-esteem. I thought, all right here's what, there's no place further down I can go. There's no cure. There is no treatment. There's no surgery. There's no radiation. I can't go cut it out and then go back to my not-so-great life.

"You can get really depressed and just feel defeated and maybe that end will come sooner, or you can see what you can do to participate in your longevity. That's what I decided to do. Take fun seriously. If what I'm telling you feels like deprivation, lean into it. Lean into it and don't do it for cancer, do it because you want to feel good. Do it because you want to look better. Do it because you love your life. Do it because you want more energy. To have more energy, you got to have some fucking fun. Whatever that fun is. If fun right now is smoking and drinking and eating McDonald's, that's not fun. That's covering up sadness. Let's find real fun and jam out together. Thank you."

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