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Lawyer Invites His Girlfriend to Court for an Important Trial - But the Jurors Shock Her
Lawyer Proposes to His Girlfriend After Inviting Her to an Important “Trial”
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Lawyer Invites His Girlfriend to Court for an Important Trial - But the Jurors Shock Her

This man was sentenced to life.

When you’ve found your perfect match, there are certain things that just feel right. Although you don’t have to have everything in common, odds are the two of you have probably bonded over certain things that speak to your personalities.

For Brandon Dinetz and Jen Lettman, two attorneys in Florida, the law is what brought them together. Little did they know just how much it would factor into their happily ever after, though.

A Special Case

man proposing to his girlfriend in a courtroom

For these two, what started as a working relationship easily transformed into something more. Before this couple knew it, they were bonding and connecting over their work. They’d often help each other, especially when it came to crafting their opening statements.

So one day, when Dinetz asked Lettman to come to court and critique his arguments, she didn’t think twice. She had no idea that he was about to put a plan five months in the making into action.

When she entered the courtroom, she thought she was going to hear statements for a DUI case. There was a real judge, a defense attorney, and a few other people there to make it feel like an actual case. Then the judge said to bring in the jury.

A Gigantic Surprise

As the jury filed in, Lettman grew confused. She recognized Dinetz’s father, then her own sister. She began tearing up when she realized there were 17 of her and her boyfriend’s loved ones in the box, grinning at her.

“I heard noises behind me of her starting to freak out,” Dinetz recalled to The Guardian. “She started to cry; it was a laugh-cry, and then it was all crying. Then she saw all of her friends and colleagues and she knew exactly what was happening at that point. Her reaction was priceless.”

Of course, instead of delivering an opening statement, Dinetz was proposing. In a video, he popped the question, to which Lettman immediately said yes. The judge then “sentenced” them to life as everyone cheered.

“The courtroom idea was the first thing I thought of doing [for a proposal],” Dinetz added. “It’s not weird for me to say: ‘Hey, come watch part of my trial and check out what I’m doing in court.’ The fact that we both met in this job and we both are attorneys, I thought there was some symbolism behind that. It was more meaningful that we could incorporate our careers into it.”

A Viral Reaction

If a proposal should be personalized, thoughtful, and meaningful, this one is as perfect as it comes. Not only did planning take five months, but Dinetz ordered a special ring, coordinated a ton of friends and family, and asked a real judge and a real criminal defense attorney to come out to sell it. So naturally the video capturing the special moment went viral.

“The next thing I know is we’re getting texts from friends and family that all of these different sites had it and we were like: ‘Well, this is pretty cool,’” Dinetz continued. Still, he didn’t take the video to gain online stardom. He did it because he wanted to marry the love of his life and show her how much she meant to him.

“It’s cool that it’s getting attention, but to me, the proposal itself is what’s most important… I am going to be married to Jen. That’s really what matters to me.”

The Power of Love

If this story shows us one thing it’s that love is powerful. Not only did love inspire this man to get creative with an amazing proposal, but the video was shared far and wide, inspiring others in the process.

It also reminds us that everyone’s love story is unique, and just because it might not look like it does in the movies or on TV doesn’t mean that it’s any less special. True love is finding someone who understands and appreciates the quirks that make you who you are. Not only will they embrace them, but they may one day plan a proposal around them.

That proposal doesn't have to be grand or expensive or huge, either. If it's something that's special between you and your loved one, then that makes it the most special of all.

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