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Woman Asks People to Hire Her Lazy Son - Then One Neighbor Sends Her a Letter About Him
“Lazy” Teen Finds New Jobs and New Purpose During Pandemic
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Woman Asks People to Hire Her Lazy Son - Then One Neighbor Sends Her a Letter About Him

A teen proves just how important socializing is.

The past few years have been rough for a lot of people as we all figured out how to hang out safely and not spread germs. For teens and older folks, these years have been particularly hard since they’ve impacted socialization needs and friendships.

So when one mom put a call out for her “lazy” teen son to get work back in 2020, it sparked a big response from the community. It also reminded people just how much we really need one another.

A “Lazy” Son for Hire

teen boy with an elderly woman

Sharon Collins wanted her teenage son Thomas to get off the couch. For months, he had been coping with the pandemic by playing video games and watching TV whenever he had some downtime. But Collins wanted him to use that time more wisely, so she put out a call on social media.

“I made up this big story about how lazy he was, and people just started calling me,” she told a CBS News outlet in Boston. “He was eating me out of the snack cabinet, being lazy on the couch, and playing video games, so I said, what the heck, I'll try to get him something.”

She used the hashtag #campaigngetthomasoffthecouch and said he would be great at physical labor, like yard work. People immediately responded, and Thomas began raking lawns, stacking firewood, and helping tend to gardens.

Along the way, something unexpected happened.

Unexpected Company

Before long, Thomas began to notice a trend with the people who hired him to do their tasks. Sure, he was helping out. But more than that, they really enjoyed his company.

“A lot of them seem like they're enjoying more talking to me, me eating with them, than me actually doing the work. They just want the interaction,” Thomas said. “A lot of them make me lunch and tell me a lot of stories. It makes me really happy; like I'm helping people out.”

One woman was so happy to have Thomas around that she wrote his mom a letter.

“She wrote what a fantastic young man he is and that he reminds her of her grandson, and she can't see her family, and it's much harder these days to even see anyone,” Collins recounted.

“She said, in not so many words, that she liked his company and she wished she could pay him every week so he could come and talk to her.”

Finding a New Purpose

These jobs were also beneficial for Thomas. He found a sense of purpose, got out of the house, did something physical, and got paid for it. It was an all-around win that helped him to develop his true potential.

"He's gone out, and he's proven to me that he's kind and empathetic, and you don't always see that in a teenage boy that's 16 years old,” Collins wrapped.

“I am proud of him because I don't think I taught him that, but somehow, he knows how to do it. I can't take any credit for this. He just came the way he is, and he's certainly not an angel, please God, but he's shown his true colors, and I hope he'll always be his true colors.”

The Importance of Social Interaction

This story continues to resonate long after 2020 because, as people, we’re social creatures, and we need interaction in our lives. These days more of us work from home than ever, and it’s important that we schedule real face time (and not the app) into our lives.

According to the CDC, social connection can do more than lift our spirits. It can help prevent serious illnesses, improve mental health, and help to recover from stress or anxiety.

If you’ve been feeling low or it’s been hard to get out of the house, find something to give you purpose. Grab a neighbor and go for a walk. Volunteer for a local sports team or retirement center. Or find a workspace outside the home that you can frequent a couple of times a week just to get out there. You’ll be glad you did.

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