LeBron James has long been respected as a leader both in basketball and in his private life. Turns out, he has some amazing life and leadership advice to give as well.


In an hourlong interview on Tim Ferriss’s podcast, LeBron James shared some leadership advice. “Leadership isn’t a one-day, two-days, or two-month thing, leadership is consistent … Once you get into team sports and you see how you are succeeding, you understand it isn’t about you. In order for you to continue to be successful, everyone has to be important and have something to do with the success.”

We’ve seen James as a leader on and off the basketball court, but we’ve also seen that along with being a leader, he’s part of a team. And that’s his advice right there, to be consistent as a leader, but also help those on your team so you can achieve more together.



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No one can respect a leader who keeps changing his beliefs. A leader should be consistent in his principles so that his team does not have doubt and mistrust about where they stand.

It isn’t just about you

A team is just that – a team. It’s not all about you. It’s about understanding your actions are going to impact everyone else, and you should help everyone become the best version of themselves they can be, and that makes you a great leader.

Maybe that’s why LeBron James is so great on the court, but such an amazing off the court as well.