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Life Is for the Living: Embrace the Journey, Not the Struggle
life is for the living

Life Is for the Living: Embrace the Journey, Not the Struggle

Early morning. The sun rises up over the horizon, its light shining through the office.

It's 7:45am. And there he is, sitting in his chair. He always comes in first and leaves last. He works 60-70 hours a week. Every day is a battle. More sales, more projects, more campaigns. The phone keeps ringing. Different voices, different people, same topics. Day after day.

Life Is for the Living: It's a Journey, Not a Struggle

Life Is a Journey, Not a Struggle

From time to time, he goes out, and after having his lunch sits on the stairs of the building wearing his $3K suit. For a moment, he looks at the horizon and starts dreaming. But in just a second, all of his visions disappear. He straightens his tie and walks back to the office. Time to work.

Is that you? Are you the man or woman in a suit? Do you spend your every day in the office, with no days off or vacation time? How does your family take it? Do you have a family?

Are you happy?

Our life is survived by most and is lived by a few. In a moment like this when you try to erase your dreams and get back to work, you realize that you can't be the same. When the circle gets wider it doesn't shrink. Every step of the way is helping us understand what life truly is. As Joe Cocker sings:

"It's good to work... work hard and prosper

As long as you take time to find

The simple things

That come without a price

The simple things

Like happiness, joy and love in my life..."

We often make our lives complicated. The standards of our society demand it. But what if suffering is the societal standard too? Do you want to follow that as well? Or there could be another way?

Our life is a journey. We experience it. Live it. Love it. Every one of us has the greatest gift called life. We experience it separately and at the same time, we can enjoy it together. We have to celebrate every moment.

When you slow down and stop following society's patterns, you can finally sense yourself. Your inner strength. What you truly are.

If you are that man in a suit and are truly happy doing what you do, then that's great. And if you lie to yourself and only do it because it is what you are "supposed to do," then you exist.

The good news is that God and the universe truly love us. We are never forgotten and we always have a chance. There is always one more lesson to be taught, and the exam is simple: You pass it if you are fulfilled. You pass it if you enjoy what you do. You pass it if you truly live to your full potential, realize your dreams, and can smile to the sun.    

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