After noticing that a classmate was being bullied for his lack of school supplies, one girl stepped up.

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When Erian Pierre saw a classmate being bullied, she knew she had to help.

Despite her young age, Erian is wise.

Why One Young Boy Was Being Bullied at School

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Erian noticed that a boy in her class was getting picked on every day for asking to borrow supplies from his peers at school.

“So there is a boy in my little sister’s class who gets picked on by her classmates,” Erian’s sister Christan said. “He sometimes asks them if he can borrow some of their school supplies so he can complete his assignments. And instead of sharing, like most of us would do, they would either ignore him, pretend they don’t have it, or just say no all together. One of the students even shouted out ‘Stop giving him stuff!’”

The mean children motivated Erian to step in.

Erian took what was left of her allowance and spent it on school supplies for the boy. She wanted him to feel secure at school and no longer have to ask others to borrow anything, which always left him vulnerable to bullying.

The boy who had been isolated at school because of his lack of supplies and the response from the other children now has the chance to feel included among his peers.

How One Girl Proved the Importance of Offering a Lending Hand

Christan was so proud of her sister, she took a photo of Erian among the pens, markers, and colored pencils she bought with her allowance and posted it.

“She used her last bit of allowance and bought him school supplies so he doesn’t have to worry about asking those who refuse to help him,” Christan wrote.

“This just reassures me that the world isn’t all bad. I love this girl so much. She has a heart of gold and I feel that a lot of people should learn from her. I’m proud to call her my home base.”

Erian noticed the bullying and instead of standing by and allowing the boy to continue to be berated, she stepped in. She even spent her own savings to help the boy just out of the kindness of her heart.

Erian is an inspiring example of what to do when you notice a disadvantaged person in your community. Instead of ignoring them, offer to help like Erian did.


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