When a London resident saw a man walking suspiciously with a young girl, she immediately felt that something was wrong. Instead of looking the other way, she put her own safety on the line to save a child who was about to get abducted.

The woman named Ashanti, but is known as @shansdeya on Twitter, says her little sister, Zian, alerted her to the abduction saying “something was not right.”

After Zian’s alert, Ashanti, who was in the Mitcham area in south-west London, noticed the man walking suspiciously with a young girl.

Ashanti trusted her instincts and proceeded to follow the strange man, recording him on video until he finally let the poor young girl go. Soon after, police arrested a man named Kadian Nelson in nearby Tooting, whom they believe is the attempted kidnapper.

Police have Ashanti to thank for tracking down the man, since it was her now-viral video that helped them. In the video, the kidnapper can clearly be seen walking with the little girl, with his hand covering her mouth.

In the video, Ashanti follows the man saying “Let her go” and asking “What are you doing with her?”

He replies with, “This is my sister, this is man’s family.”

So what are you doing in the corner with her? Why are you stalking, man?


Ashanti didn’t let him get away. She knew she was putting herself at risk, but she couldn’t let him get away with the girl. It was her continued pressure that saved her life. The kidnapper finally let the girl go and ran away.

Right after, the young girl, terrified, turned to Ashanti and said, “Thank you. Thank you.”

I wish I could thank you all individually, I’m not a hero Im just glad I had the courage to follow through.

Ashanti on Twitter

Ashanti went on to praise her little sister, who first put out the alert on the strange man.

“My little sister is the real hero here, she’s 11 years old and was able to notice that something was not right and called me straight away,” she added. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to save that little girl.”

Emma Stevenson has started a Just Giving campaign to reward Ashanti and Zian for their incredible bravery.

“Let’s get these girls a reward from our community as a massive thank you,” Stevenson wrote on the campaign site. “Who knows what else that poor girl would of gone through it wasn’t for the quick thinking and actions of Zian?”

Ashanti and her sister displayed incredible bravery in their efforts to make sure the little girl would not meet a terrible fate. All it takes is to step up, when something doesn’t feel right, especially when it involves our most vulnerable children.

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