Sometimes, we learn by example. We see a parent or inspiring teacher do something and it motivates us to follow suit in the future. But other times, we’re also inspired by what we didn’t have access to.

One such example is the Dad, how do I? YouTube channel, a “dad advice” channel founded and run by Rob Kenney.

Growing up without a father figure

In his videos, Kenney gives the type of advice someone may go to a dad for — how to tie a tie, shave your face, iron a shirt or unclog a sink or drain.

But what makes this so interesting is that Kenney created this channel to give dad advice because it was something he himself never had.

Turning a rough childhood into inspiration

Kenney’s childhood was rough. His mother was an alcoholic, and his father got full custody of him and his siblings. But when Kenney was 14, his father “announced he didn’t want to have kids anymore,” Kenney told TODAY.

Kenney was taken in by an older brother, who made room for him in his small mobile home. But now, Kenney is a dad himself, and he learned what to avoid from his own heartbreaking experience, which helps him now be a great dad to his kids – and all of YouTube!

“At a very young age, I determined I wasn’t gonna do that, that I wanted to do it the right way.”

Rob Kenney

More than practical advice

His videos are not only about fixing things around the home, but also about important life lessons. As Kenney said, “There’s more to being a dad than just running around and fixing things.”

Kenney did not grow up with a good dad, and that inspired him to be a good dad in his own life. And that involves not trying to be perfect.

“If you pretend to be perfect, your kids are going to find out you’re not, and that’s where a lot of rebellion happens.”

Kenney says it’s important to admit you are human and make mistakes, and not be blocked by pride.

In a time when a lot of kids have less-than-ideal relationships with their parents among worldwide upheaval, it’s great that some amazing parents are making up for it by sharing their support, love and time with children who are not their own.

It’s great to have someone to go to for advice – even if he’s someone else’s dad!

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